Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Noe Valley Contemporary

It’s sleek; it’s clean; it’s in San Francisco … that’s all I need know.

But maybe you’d like to know that this hose was a 1908 Noe Valley cottage … with a history of subpar alterations … that has become this clean and sleek home of 2016.

One of the great things done to the home was the creation of a garage … parking is horrible in The City. Then, the house was given two distinct facades: one that provides privacy from the street and the other opens up the back to expansive San Francisco Bay views.

There are traces of the original cottage in this reboot; the “grand” staircase marks the separation between public spaces to the south and private spaces to the north. The new garage is incorporated into the south side, with guest suites both above and below, and the north side houses the open living area with its folding window wall to the east-facing deck.

Above this main space is the master suite, which has even grander views through both framed openings and a lofty private deck.

Sleek and new, yet historical, with great views and a private garage?

Where do I sign?


mistress maddie said...

Your right...that's all I needed to hear!!!! I love the design of this one in and out! Very chic!

the dogs' mother said...

The wine cellar. Friends bought a house with a large wine cellar like that - has become the cat room :-)

Professor Chaos said...

Wow, I used to live in Noe Valley. Looks like it's getting gentrified. There was nothing that fancy when we were there.