Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Judge Who Refuses To Perform Same-Sex Weddings Suspended For Being A Pervert

I’m gonna head out there on this limb right now, and say that conservatives and Republicans and religious wingnuts are some of the kinkiest sons of bitches out there.

Case in point: Tallapoosa County Probate Judge Leon Archer. Archer’s been married for over forty years; Archer is one of those Alabama judges who quit performing marriages last year rather than allow same-sex couples to wed in his office.

Leon Archer is also accused of becoming so enamored of a woman he met while performing her marriage to another man that he began sending her sexually explicit messages and nude photographs of himself—that’s him up top … who wants to see his nekked bits?

It all began when this 34-year-old woman showed up at Archer’s office to marry her 68-year-old Daddy, er, boyfriend. While Archer did perform the ceremony he made mention of the huge age difference between the parties and, when the wedding was annulled soon afterwards, Archer began sending his dirty pictures and hot-to-trot messages to the woman on Facebook.

In fact, Archer sent more than 60 pages of messages, like “I want to hear you moan” and “what happened to us hooking up.” The messages only stopped after an Alabama newspaper, The Alexander City Outlook, found out about them and reported the story.

Archer had admitted his actions at the time and apologized, though he wants y’all to know that he and the woman never had any physical contact; they just exchanged dirty messages and nudie pics on the Facebook.

Archer regrets his actions—cuz he got caught, you know—and has and cooperated fully with a probe that resulted in charges being filed against him. He reached a settlement with investigators in which he agreed to a six-month suspension without pay.

Well, that’ll give him plenty of time to update his Facebook status, won’t it?

I so love these conservatives and republicans and religious wingnuts who take the stand against same-sex marriage and the sanctity of one-man-one-woman marriage while they’re sending home-made porn pictures, and pornographic messages over the internet to random women they want to make moan.

Seriously. The hypocrisy reeks.


the dogs' mother said...

I would say astonishing but I'm not...

Professor Chaos said...

NOt at all shocked that a religious homophobe is also a perv. Also not shocked that he doesn't understand that social media can be seen by people.

anne marie in philly said...

and they rape young boys...sounds like catholic priests!

meanwhile, plenty of upstanding gay citizens go about their day acting like civilized human beings.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Sadly these creeps are all over the place; one of our supermarkets had a woman make a complaint about a gay couple holding hands in the shop - shock horror! Unlike the rest of us who would think how sweet to see a couple (of whatever gender) holding hands, she complained to security (outsourced) who had words with the gay couple not the miserable dob!