Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Architecture Wednesday: Villa P

This house; it’s kind of impressive, no?

Oh, that’s not it, that chalet-looking thing at the top; and it’s neither one of the buildings to the right or left. It’s that black scar slightly down the hill.

The architect, working with the existing lynchets — banks of earth built up on the downslope of a field ploughed over eons — and with the natural stone walls of the field, the architects created this home for a winemaker in Novacella, Brixen, Italy … high in  the Alps.

The building has become part of the existing cultivated landscape, with its lynchets and typical stone masonry walls of a former winery. But then a second wall — created to frame the home — is colored with the black pigments of the grapevines.

This creates what appears to be a continuation of a centuries old wall and the shadow it cast upon the hillside, creating the winemaker’s home.

But it’s still a house, a simple one that becomes part of the landscape when the grapes are growing, and become quite noticeable when the fields are bare.

Did I mention there’s wine? And views?


the dogs' mother said...

Rather stunning! But.... the picnic table in the box? w.t.hey?

Fearsome Beard said...

Loving the yellow tile.

brewella deville said...

Lynchet, great new (for me) word of the day. The land is stunning, as is the outside of the house. The inside kind of leaves me cold, though.