Friday, August 05, 2016

I Didn't Say It ...

Pope Francis, condemning school policies that allow children to ‘choose their own gender’:

“Today in schools, they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose their own gender. … We are living a moment of annihilation of man as image of God. … Speaking with Pope Benedict, who is well, and has a clear mind, he was telling me: ‘Holiness, this is the epoch of sin against God the Creator.’ He’s intelligent! God created man and woman, God created the world this way, this way, this way, and we are doing the opposite. We must think about what Pope Benedict said — ‘It’s the epoch of sin against God the Creator.’”

Yeah, this is the LGBT-friendly Pope.
Once again, Pope Frankie, you can eff off.
Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf actor, apologizing after announcing online that he was gay … cuz he isn’t:

“I am a big proponent of love over hate, and standing together during divisive times. Although I’m not gay, I fully support the LGBTQ community. This was a moment intended to reflect that. And everyone, I am truly sorry to the people I’ve offended or lessened how big coming out is. I just want to spread love in this world.”

Tool. Coming out is something a lot of people wrestle with, and for this moron to treat it as a joke, or some sort of Social media Fame Whoring device, is pathetic.
If you’re an ally, Tyler, be an ally. And stop making light of this very hard choice that many LGBT people face every single day.
John Oliver, on [t]Rump’s ‘sacrifices’ he’s made, and listed, while attacking Gold Star parents Khizr and Ghazala Khan:

“They are half-truths from a self-serving half-man who has somehow convinced half the country that sacrifice is the same thing as success. Honestly, the main takeaway from these two weeks is that, incredibly, we may be on the brink of electing such a damaged, sociopathic narcissist, that the simple presidential duty of comforting the families of fallen soldiers may actually be beyond his capabilities  and I genuinely did not think that was a part of the job that someone could be bad at.”

Oliver has a right to be incensed; his wife, Kate Norley, is an Iraq war veteran who has made her own sacrifices.
Donald [t]Rump is married to a high school educated nude model and he’s an idiot.
John Noonan, a former national security aide to Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, on [t]Rump:

"Trump is Trump, you can pull somebody out of the insane asylum and staff him with the best people in the business, and he's still going to be in the parking lot screaming about the book of Revelations and there's nothing you can do about it."

I haven’t heard it put so eloquently.


anne marie in philly said...

the poop is irrelevant, tyler posey should cut his tongue out, john oliver is RIGHT ON, and john noonan is correct.

mistress maddie said...

Tyler Posey. I say no brains......thank god he's pretty. And well The Pope.....of the flip flop.

the dogs' mother said...

One of my friends is calling him dumald now.

Raybeard said...

What changed with the accession of Papa Frankie (bless his little red cotton socks)? Fuck-all! He follows in the papal tradition of insisting that everyone MUST believe in his version of God and Creation because it's in a 'book' and therefore has got to be true. If we don't agree, that's too bad - we just HAVE to!

Helen Lashbrook said...

When Trump fails to win the job of leader of the free world you just know that he and his supporters are going to claim it's because Obama took away their second amendment rights....and they'll form militias against the enemy in Washington just to disprove what they are saying...because they're too dumb to realise that they've got it all wrong...again