Friday, August 12, 2016

I Didn't Say It ...

Michael Phelps, Olympic icon, answering that question:

“I think everybody pees in the pool. I think it’s kind of a normal thing to do for swimmers. When we’re in the pool for two hours, we don’t really get out to pee, we just go whenever we are on the wall. Chlorine kills it, so it’s not bad.”

Still ...
Susan Sarandon, still talking about not supporting Hillary Clinton in the November election:

“I don’t vote with my vagina.” 

I should hope not because that would be some magic cooch.
Mike Pence, soon-to-be-failed vice presidential candidate, on [t]Rump’s proposed immigration ban including Christians and Jews from so-called “terrorist” countries:

“We should temporarily suspend immigration from countries that have been compromised by terrorism, which I think is altogether fitting and appropriate. When you look at the Syrian refugee program … the simple fact is that both our Homeland Security and FBI have said there are countries like Syria where people are coming in through routine means, the refugees program and otherwise and we can simply not know who they are for sure. So suspending that program from those countries, I think is in the best interest of the security of our people.”

When pushed to say that this meant the program would include Jewish and Christians citizens of those countries, Pence reiterated again the policy was based on countries where terrorism existed.
So, yeah, Muslims, Jews, Christians … stay away.
That’s so American.
Jonathan Greer, pastor at Mt. Sterling Baptist Church in Alabama, in a sermon after being fired for allowing Black children to attend Vacation Bible School:

“There was push-back about the types of children that we were bringing in, and I was asked to not invite black children to the VBS. What they really mean is that someone can wander in off the street and they won’t stop them, but they specifically asked me, explicitly, not to invite black people. … I wanted the church to know that this is not consistent with the gospel. This is not consistent with God’s word that we honor and give dignity to all people. That’s what the Bible teaches us, and all people are worthy and in need of the gospel, and racism denies that to a certain amount of people.”

But it is kinda consistent with Alabama. Sadly.
Donna Brazile, Democratic National Committee chairwoman, condemning Donald [t]Rump and Marco Rubio for speaking at an anti-LGBT  gathering on the two month anniversary of the Pulse nightclub mass shootings:

“Instead of honoring the memory of those we lost at Pulse two months ago, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio have come to Orlando to headline a gathering of some of the nation’s most incendiary anti-gay bigots. We at the DNC join all people of good conscience in expressing our solidarity with the Orlando LGBT community as they continue to grieve the deadliest shooting in American history. We suggest Trump and Rubio disavow these anti-gay extremists who have likened gay people to Nazis and characterized HIV/AIDS as divine ‘penalties’ for being gay. Failing to do so will be yet another example of the utter lack of judgment that makes Trump unfit to serve.”

And another reason to Vote Blue to keep the bigots and haters out of office.


anne marie in philly said...

sarandon can go piss up a rope. and so can pence with that palin word salad.

the dogs' mother said...

Jonathan Greer is a good egg.

Fearsome Beard said...

Michael Phelps is welcome to pee on me anytime he wishes.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Will Trump refuse to allow the French (or any other citizens of the EU for that matter) entry to the US? There is a lot of terrorism ongoing there

Professor Chaos said...

Wow, I winced when I saw "pastor from Alabama," expecting one of those stories where the pastor tweets anti-gay shit while blowing a hustler, but I was pleasantly surprised. there are a few good ones around, I guess.