Monday, August 01, 2016

In Georgia It's Legal To Take Pictures Up A Woman's Skirt!

If anyone is looking for a reason … or another reason … to stay out of Georgia, look no further than a recent ruling by the Georgia Court of Appeals.

A twenty-four year old man, Brandon Lee Gary was accused of invasion of privacy when he took “upskirt” pictures of a woman in the store where he worked; he was arrested, tried, and found guilty until …

The Georgia Appeals Court overturned that ruling saying Gary’s actions were not against Georgia law because … wait for it, it’s rich … the woman he violated had no reason to expect that she wouldn’t be photographed like that since she was out and about in a public place.

Yes, perverts, you heard it correctly. Head on out to any public space in Georgia and take all the “upskirt” photos you want because it’s Sexual Harassment Time in Georgia!

Judge Elizabeth Branch — yes, a woman — wrote the majority opinion:
‘It is regrettable that no law currently exists which criminalizes Gary’s reprehensible conduct… The remedy for this problem, however, lies with the General Assembly, not this court.’
Huh. A court cannot uphold the conviction of man who violated a woman like that because, wait, she kinda asked for it by leaving her house and appearing in public?


So, unless, and until, the Georgia Legislature decides to take up this issue, it’s open season on women in skirts having perverts like Brandon Lee Gary photograph their private areas.

Private. Just not in Georgia.

SIDENOTE: If a woman decided to do the same to a man wearing baggy shorts I wonder how the courts would react. Maybe they’d say there’s no law against it, but I bet if it happened the Georgia Legislature would convene a special session to take up the law.

Too bad they don’t appear in a rush to do the same for women who are violated, but then the state of Georgia has a solid Republican majority.


Michael Dodd said...

Sounds suspiciously like an application of Sharia law to me ...? Who knew Georgian justice was so cosmopolitan in its approach to legal interpretation?
Full disclosure: I was born in Georgia, but convinced my parents to move when I was six months old. Unfortunately, they moved to Texas ...

anne marie in philly said...

just when you think you've heard it all...racist asshats!

the dogs' mother said...

Once again the mind boggles.

Sadie J said...

We usually spend the night in a motel just north of Atlanta when we go to Florida. It's getting to the point that it won't be safe to venture out of our room!

Fearsome Beard said...

There was a guy that just got in trouble for up skirt photos at Comic-Con here in San Diego just last week. Creeps.