Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Well Well Well ... If It Isn't Leslie Jordan, Beverage-Hurling-LGBTQ-Superhero

Last week in West Hollywood there was a fracas at the Starbucks on Santa Monica Blvd when three young men began shouting antigay venom at the customers in line:
“You will die, f**king f**gots!”
Joseph Daniels, who was waiting in line at the time, wasn’t playing, so he walked over to the men and told them their behavior was “rude;” the manager also told the men to leave. But the three thugs, possibly questioning their own orientation, refused to leave and began calling everyone in the store “faggots” and that’s when it happened …

LGBT superhero, and diminutive actor, Leslie Jordan, AKA Beverly Leslie from TVs Will & Grace, stepped into it. Jordan, who stands just four feet, eleven inches tall, approached the three men and screamed:
“Get out of my house!”
Then he chased them from the coffee house, where the three idiots stood on the sidewalk shouting their homophobic epithets, and when one of the three lunged at Jordan, he tossed his coffee in the guy’s face.

The police were called, and they advised Jordan and the other patrons not to file charges against the homophobes, saying that if they did the men could accuse them of assault for throwing coffee at them.

But, let’s not it end there, let’s give Superhero, LGBTQ Superhero, Leslie Jordan, the last word:
“I was hoping to remain silent on the incident at Starbucks but somehow the story found legs and has made its way into the press. I feel I owe my friends an explanation:
Truth be told it was “sweet” iced tea, not coffee. I am a “sweet” mannered Southern boy who was taught not to start a fight. Nobody ever told me I could not end one. I refused to sit and watch these hate crimes continue. I guess our work for equality is not done yet!
I’m being hailed a hero which is all well and good but I lost my temper. My heroes in life always kept their cool.”
Oh, but you kept your cool, Leslie, and, by tossing a little sweet tea at a trio of asshats you helped them cool off, too.

Now, I do not condone violence, and I think throwing hot coffee on someone, no matter how much of an asshat they seem, is quite violent. But sweet tea? The worst thing that could happen is that thug get's hit in the face by something sticky and I imagine with his latent homosexual tendencies this wasn't the first, or the last time, someone shot something sticky at his face.

Just sayin'.
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the dogs' mother said...

He's a sweetheart! :-)

Joe said...

I've always had the utmost respect for Mr Jordan, and he is a true southern gentleman. I love the quote " I am a “sweet” mannered Southern boy who was taught not to start a fight. Nobody ever told me I could not end one." That's how I was raised too.

mistress maddie said...

I hadn't caught wind of this story yet, but can't say this surprises me. I met Leslie Gordon when he came to New Hope's Razz Room for a cabaret act about a year ago. He is a completely nice guy, and very witty and funny. Very interactive with the audience after, which is refreshing.

Bob Slatten said...

I love that line, too.

He does seem like a genuine person, down-to-earth, and yet still fabulous!

Mark in DE said...

Leslie Jordan is hilarious and down to earth. Saw his show in Puerto Vallarta and later saw him on the street. He doesn't take himself too seriously, but he obviously takes human rights seriously. I applaud him, the other patron, and store manager for their words and actions.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Hopefully the ice cubes hadn't melted. Mind you it's a good defence if the thugs decided to sue over having coffee thrown over them.
'But Your Honour I was drinking sweet tea.'

viktor kerney said...

The media were camped out there for awhile