Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Architecture Wednesday: Sabaudia on the Dune

This is one of those weeks when I'd love to be at the beach, feeling the sand beneath my feet and the sun on my face. But, well, I like to spoil myself, so it won't suit me to have any old sand, or just any old sun.

I need Sabaudia on the Dune ... I mean, who doesn't?



mistress maddie said...

CAN YOU SAY STUNNING?!?!? The first picture had me. I say lets go in together on this. I absolutely love all the clean lins and look and the white, surprisingly, since I'm so not virginal. There is just something so chic about all white and stucco finish. Very nice summer choice Bob! Enjoyed that!

jadedj said...

Beautiful! Although, I couldn't help thinking, as i looked through the house, that these people definitely do not have cats, or children.

Thanks for sharing this.

Bob Slatten said...

It screams peaceful to me, and, well, hot beach boys too.

viktor kerney said...

so nice