Thursday, August 06, 2015

Warmonger Lindsey Graham’s Campaign Supported Mostly By War Profiteers

The Super PAC, called “Security Is Strength,” created to support the doomed-to-fail — I mean, how he can win when his own home state thinks he’d be a lousy leader — presidential campaign of Lindsey Graham raised an unbelievable $2.9 million through the end of June.

Shocking, I know; and it makes me wonder who’s supporting crazy, er, Lindsey.

Well, most of that money came from defense contractors who stand to make big bucks under a Lindsey Graham presidency … even though that will never happen.

Graham’s Super PAC received $500,000 from Ron Perelman, whose company MacAndrews & Forbes owns AM General, the manufacturer of Humvees and other products for the military; AM General recently won a $245.6 million contract with the Army so they’re all about war.

The Super PAC also received $25,000 from Jeffrey Immelt, the chief executive of General Electric, another major defense contractor. In addition to his pandering for war every time Iraq or Iran comes up in the news, Graham is a longtime proponent of the Export-Import Bank, a federally charted lending institution that has approved $1 billion in loans to GE in fiscal year 2014.

So, he works to see that they get money and they, in return give him money, so that when ... and again, this will never happen, but you need to know how these politicians operate … Lindsey Graham sits in the Oval Office and declares war, all of his cronies will start lining their wallets and a lot of Americans will pay for the funerals of their family members killed in combat in a war for cash. 
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the dogs' mother said...

oh. my. I enjoyed the destroying of the cell phone video. But, yeah.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I think that political parties and politicians should not receive funding from anyone even themselves. You want to raise money to get elected - have a bake sale or run a marathon OR go and do a real job and do something useful for a change - go clean the streets or collect garbage.

viktor kerney said...

Lord, well they wasted their money