Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In Michigan, If You're Picking Up The Kids from School, Don't Forget To Bring Your Gun

Apparently in Michigan Stupidity begets stupidity …

This past March Kenneth Herman, the father of a Clio elementary school student, filed a lawsuit against the district because, back in 2013, he was not allowed to come into the Edgerton Elementary school to pick up his daughter while carrying a pistol in his hands.
Yes, that’s a lawsuit in Michigan.

And, while there are some restrictions on a concealed weapons permit — like not carrying firearms into sports arenas and school — open carry laws do not, and so just last week Genesee Circuit Judge Archie Hayman ruled that parents should be allowed to carry their guns into elementary schools while picking up their children in case there’s a scuffle and Little Billy needs to be shot.

Yeah, I don’t see anything bad happening.
"The ruling today does not come as a surprise, the law is the law. Now that Clio Area Schools have heard the ruling, read the laws and the Court of Appeals case law has been explained to them, I they stop burning through tax dollars fighting the law and common sense." — Kenneth Herman
So, in case you forget, up there in Michigan, just remember that some of the parents wandering the halls of the school are fully armed and ready to open fire just in case. And don’t even think for a moment that anything bad can happen …

Sandy Hook.

I am continually amazed at how guns runs this country and how we weep and moan the loss of life because some lunatic, like, in my opinion, Kenneth Herman, who thinks he’s a man because he carries a gun, wanders into a school or a theater or a recruiting station or a military base or a mall and opens fire, and then we just do nothing.





That’s not all ... and it isn't the last.


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Blobby said...

though wanting no harm to come to the kids, I'd be ok with Mr. Herman's kid being shot by another parent and see if he rethinks anything. But that'd be silly. Then he'd just use for 3rd graders to get permits.

the dogs' mother said...

Moses Lake, February 2, 1996.

Sadie J said...

I think if I had kids in school these days, we would be home schooling.

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Helen Lashbrook said...

These people seriously worry me; why does this man need to wear a gun at all, let alone in an elementary school? Next thing you know Kenneth junior will be taking Dad's gun to show and tell and will provide a demonstration of how it works on his fellow pupils and teacher. But that's al right because I expect Dad doesn't like educationalists anyway.....too many of them are women and don't shoot guns in the class room.