Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rand Paul Just Bought An Election

You often hear the GOP clamor and moan about protecting the Constitution when they seem to be most interested in dismantling it especially when it protects some thing, or someone … Hello Gays! … they don’t like.

Take Kentucky, for instance. The state has a long-standing law that bars politicians from running for two offices at once, the idea being that if you want to be a Senator from Kentucky, finish your term as Congressman and then run; don’t run for Congressman and Senator and then take which ever job you want more.

And this should … should … apply to one Rand Paul, who spouts rules of law and following the law and the law the law the law, all the time, especially now that, as a sitting Kentucky Senator he is running for President.

See, Paul should have quit being a Senator before running for the White House except that even he knows he doesn’t have a chance in Hell of sitting in the Oval Office as the Leader of the Free World, so he wanted to hedge his bets and keep his job as Senator after he fails at his presidential bid.

And to make that happen, Rand Paul has convinced the Republican Party of Kentucky to literally change the primary election to a caucus so, in effect, Rand Paul is not running for the presidency while being a sitting Senator because there will be no election in Kentucky, just a caucus, where the public will vote … but that’s not an election.

And to make this even viler and more disgusting and more Republican is that the cost of the non-election-caucus election is $250,000 and it will be paid for by … Rand Paul.

Rand Paul has bought himself an election, and if the people of Kentucky want to allow their Senator, in a bid to be President, to circumvent the law for his own personal agenda, then, well, they deserve what they get … Rand Paul as their Senator.


Michael Dodd said...

Someone recently mentioned to me that Rand Paul is beginning to look crazier and crazier. A sure way to get votes in the caucus, I'm betting!

Raybeard said...

Following on from Michael's comment above when I opened this post my first thought was that this Mr Paul was looking slightly like Danny Kaye. And then the penny dropped - yes, it's Walter Mitty!

the dogs' mother said...

oh, for pity's sake! Sounds Trump-ish.

anne marie in philly said...

the rethuglicans will do ANYTHING (legal & illegal) to tear down this country!

Helen Lashbrook said...

Western civilisation needs saving from itself by the Right who have Holy writ to show they're right and we are wrong.