Monday, August 17, 2015

A Lowe's In Virginia Bends To Racism

As we mourn the loss of Julian Bond, here's yet another reminder that his work is not over, and that the march goes on ...

Marcus Bradley has worked for Lowe’s as a delivery driver for the last eleven years at their Danville, Virginia location, but that may soon be changing because Marcus is a Black man.

Oh, Lowe’s itself doesn’t really have a problem with Marcus’ race, but some of their customers do and that particular Lowe’s is bowing down to the racism.

It goes like this: while out on his regular run delivering for Lowe’s Marcus got a call to return to the store because, he was told, he could not do the delivery because the customer didn’t want a Black man at her house.

Oh, and before I forget, this did happen this year, in 2015; this is not some decade’s old tale.

Marcus says his boss told him that the customer specifically asked that Lowe's not to send a black delivery person. Again … 2015. And when the client, an older woman, was contacted by a local news station she replied like this:
"I got a right to have whatever I want and that's it. I don't feel bad about nothing."
Well for starters, I feel bad about her loose knowledge of grammar and the English language, but that’s not as bad as I feel about Lowe’s kowtowing to racism.

Look, it’s a free country and you can be narrow-minded bigot all you want, but you cannot tell a company to keep the Blacks away from your house. If this woman wanted a new dryer, or whatever it was, though it was clearly not a book on grammar, she should go down to the Lowes’s in her pick-up truck, with its Confederate flag window decal, and have one of her knuckle-dragging, toothless cousin-f**king illiterate kinfolk pick up her order.

Just sayin’.

Oh, and that Lowe’s has fired the manager who told Marcus to come back to the store. Chris Ahearn, a Lowe’s spokeswoman:
“We’ve reached out to the drivers and one of our senior executives went to the store to apologize to them in person. We have zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind, and we should never have accepted the terms of the sale with the individuals who were delivered to.”
I was all about the boycott there for a moment, but then Lowe’s did the right thing.

But here’s the queer deal: if you are a racist bigot homophobe anti-Semite anti-women, anti-whatever, then don’t buy anything that needs to be delivered because, if I owned that Lowe’s I’d send over a big Black Jewish bull dyke with a crew cut and tattoos wearing daisy dukes to that woman’s house just to watch her head explode.

Again … just sayin’.
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the dogs' mother said...

Oh, boy...!

anne marie in philly said...

and the struggle goes on and on and on...

Sadie J said...

I wish they had offered to simply cancel her order with a full refund. On the up side, the manager that made that decision lost his job, as he should have.

Biki Honko said...

Yay for Lowes for standing up to this racist throwback. I'm glad they fired that worthless manager.

What that manager should have said, "Ma'am come pick up the item from the store, we don't cater to hate and racism."

Dave R said...

No doubt the Mgr was worried they might lose a sale. This Bad Manager has no principles. The customer is not always right.

Robb Delman said...

"...I’d send over a big Black Jewish bull dyke with a crew cut and tattoos wearing daisy dukes..."

I bow at the waist to you, you wordsmith you.

Bob Slatten said...

Shucks, sir, t'weren't nuthin'.

viktor kerney said...


Mark in DE said...

I am SOOOO glad that the Lowes executive fired the delivery manager over this and promised the Black employees the store will not tolerate discrimination from its employees OR customers.