Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women Apologize For Being Racist Liars

Republicans are stupid; they lie; they are, sometimes, racist. Mostly, though, they’re stupid.

Take, for instance the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women, a “recognized … arm of the Republican Party [which] has a seat on the state executive committee and the state committee" and a membership of over 1300 Republican women, one of whom, Pam Pollard, is their president.

Pollard is apologizing this week for a Facebook post of a Black man hanging from a tree with this message:
"The KKK was formed by the Democrats to keep control over black Americans. The Democrats of today just traded ropes for welfare."
Pollard apologized only after a local TV station called her out on the group’s offensive and racist image, and Pollard, as the GOP is apt to do, also said she had no idea it was posted, and that she regrets it was posted, and that she took it down immediately after it was brought to her attention.

But that’s what the GOP does; they put out these little lies and racist images and then apologize because, well, they had no idea it was racist … I mean, it’s a Black man after being lynched …

But they apparently also had no idea it was a lie? See, that little picture implies that black people are the biggest recipients of welfare and that’s just plain wrong.

According to the NCRM, in 2013, over 40% of food stamp recipients were white, while about 25% were African American, so Pollard and her little band of GOP goosesteppers lied.

That’s what they do, until they’re caught, and then they claim ignorance when in fact they need to claim that they are liars and racists, too.
Pam Pollard photo


anne marie in philly said...

lying bitch!

Professor Chaos said...

They really have no shame.

the dogs' mother said...

Who on earth thought that image would be appropriate?!

jadedj said...

Oh they know what they're doing alright. It's part of their plan. It's like a jury, you can strike comments from the record, but the comments remain in one's mind regardless.

The fact that they withdraw, or apologize, or feint innocence shows that in their hearts they know it was wrong...BUT...they don't really give a shit. It's all for show.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The same thing happens over here; one of my friends is convinced that all welfare recipients are scroungers from foreign countries. And it's all due to lies promulgated by the extremists at the right end of the political spectrum, of which this Pollard female seems to be one.