Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Daily Hypocrite: Franklin Graham

Way back there in 2009, anti-gay preacher man and son of anti-gay Billy the preacher Man, Franklin Graham very publicly announced that he would no longer accept a paycheck as head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association [BGEA].
“I feel that God has called me to this ministry and that calling was never based on compensation.”
Apparently, though, God may have had a change of heart because just two years later, in 2011, Graham began getting paid again. And that salary is in addition to the more than $620,000 he receives for his other full-time job, leading Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief agency; his paychecks from Samaritan’s Purse alone made him the highest-paid CEO of any international relief agency in this country so it’s not like he needed the BGEA money is it?

But still, last year, Franklin Graham, who made it quite clear that everyone within the sound of his hypocrisy heard him say he didn’t need the money, took a salary from BGEA in excess of $250,000. Graham’s total compensation from the two charities was more than $880,000 and while that total is less than the $1.2 million he received in 2008, it’s still more than some nonprofit experts consider appropriate.

Especially when you trumpet yourself a man of God and announce that God says you should take compensation.

And so that’s why Franklin Graham, pocketing nearly a million bucks from charities while claiming God doesn’t want him to do so, is the ISBL Daily Hypocrite.
News Observer


the dogs' mother said...

I hope he appreciates the honor :-)

anne marie in philly said...

franklin is a "liar liar pants on fire"; his father must be so proud of him!

Jennifer said...

Disgusting, awful human beings....the father and the son.

Professor Chaos said...

Wow, it's almost as if these tent-revival snake oil salesmen are running a huge scam!

Helen Lashbrook said...

It is not just NGO CEOs that are overpaid, it is ALL CEOs and board members of large organisations. The trend was started by the over-remuneration of bankers and had spread out to all walks of life. Why should charity bosses be any different? The PM of the UK receives circa £140k per annum; what does Graham junior do that is so much more complex than running a country?