Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Daily Hypocrite: Ted Cruz

Oh Ted … Cruz, that is. The future failed presidential candidate, certifiable loon, wingnut and lair, can add hypocrite to his resume.

See, Senator Cruz, of Texas, of course, plans to take one lucky supporter with him on an upcoming "shooting excursion" as part of a recently launched fundraiser and sweepstakes for his presidential campaign.

But there's a catch: the winner may have to endure a background check first.

Gun nut say what? Background check? From Ted Cruz, the same loon who helped lead the effort to defeat a 2013 bill that would have expanded background checks for gun sales nationwide.

So, does he favor background checks for people with guns? Or does he just favor background checks for people with guns near him?

In the days following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, most Americans were fed up with guns and gun nuts and the National Rifle Association [NRA] — filled with guns and gun nuts — and they wanted gun control.

But Ted Cruz, in the pocket of the NRA, fought to stop that movement, stepping over the bodies of dead children to state clearly that guns matter more than children’s lives.

But, God forbid, that some loon supporter of Ted Cruz, picked to join him on a hunting expedition, not be completely vetted and checked, backwards and forwards, which means, and let’s say it all together: Ted Cruz is against background checks unless the gun owner comes near him and then he supports background checks.



the dogs' mother said...


Sadie J said...

Why are we not surprised?

anne marie in philly said...

teddy is probably going to ask the guy to bend over and grab his ankles whilst he checks for "guns".

Professor Chaos said...

I should think that being a Ted Cruz supporter would be enough evidence of mental illness to make one ineligible to own firearms.

Blobby said...

I'd expect nothing less from the man. I mean.....it's almost impossible to expect 'less' from him.

Helen Lashbrook said...

People will read about this and yet still vote for him; mind boggling as TDM says