Thursday, June 11, 2015

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Wants To Be Dictator Of Kansas

We all know that those folks on the right — not that they are right, they’re just called the ‘right’ — have told stories for years about the illegal tactics President Obama has pulled to get through his Socialist-Fascist-dictator-like agenda.

But he ain’t got nuthin’ on Kansas Governor, and Republican, of course, Sam Brownback who has just signed a law declaring that the state judiciary branch will lose all of its funding if the Kansas Supreme Court strikes down a law that he likes; it’s a case of classic bullying dictatorship. In Kansas!

Brownback’s threat to take away the money comes just as the court is considering the constitutionality of a 2014 law he signed in an effort to stack courts with conservative judges who agree with his Teabagging agenda.

But the fact is that the 2014 law is unconstitutional because Kansas’ constitution says the Supreme Court “shall have general administrative authority over all courts in this state.” Brownback’s law strips the court of that authority and gives it to him, so he can appoint judges who will cater to his every whim.


And so if the court decides that 2014 law is unconstitutional, then Brownback will take away the money because, well, he’s a bully, a dictator, a Republican, and a Teabagging ass kisser.

This all started when a court ordered Sam Brownback, as governor of all of the people of Kansas, and the GOP-controlled legislature, to fix the growing spending gap between rich and poor school districts. Brownback didn’t like the idea of poor folks and their schools getting more money and the rich folks and their schools getting less, so he passed a law that gave him the authority to appoint judges, and a law that deprived the Kansas Supreme Court the right to set district court budgets.

In other words, Sammy had a hissy fit because he might not get his way.

And if he gets his way, there would no longer be a separation of powers in Kansas, because Sam Brownback, and the GOP, would control the courts, which would simply become the tools of his dictatorship. He would be the only one in control; no checks, no balances.

And the Teabaggers say Obama is the criminal.
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the dogs' mother said...

Here in WA the court is holding a large gavel
over the legislature about education funding.
But we elect our judges here so we, the people,
get to decide.

anne marie in philly said...

spouse made this same comment last night - dictatorship does NOT fit in a democracy.

anne marie in philly said...

paging TDM:

is this one of your gnomes?