Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Musings

The shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston last night is all anyone can talk about.

Was it race motivated because the shooter is white?

Was it faith motivated because it was an attack on a church?

I don’t care; for me, it’s just another day in America where anyone can get a gun and do whatever the Hell they want to do with it.

Oh, and save your 2nd Amendment rights bull shit for someone else because where else in the world do we have people shooting kids and adults in schools, in malls, in movie theaters and in churches? This is an American problem and will never be solved until we have sensible gun control in this country.

The upside is that the shooter has been caught — I won’t print his name because he wants publicity and won’t get it here — but I will say it again:

We need sensible gun control in this country or this will keep happening and happening and happening and we’ll look like idiots because we don’t ever do anything about it.

Rant over …
Jeb Bush unveiled his new logo and conveniently left his last name off of it so we’ll forget he’s a Bush.

We won’t; and do not get me started on how the logo and signage look like something used for a new Broadway musical. Jeb! The story of some backwoods hillbilly running fer public office.
A couple of weeks back, Vitaliy Milonov of the St. Petersburg city legislature, introduced a bill to ban shirtless men in public, Milonov has set his sights on HBO's Game of Thrones. 
The lawmaker said Game of Thrones was a typical example of the sin of the West, and blamed the authors for picturing “every tenth character” of the series as having some sexual deviation.

Oh, and Milonov admitted he has never seen GoT, though I imagine he’s hoping to … when he’s alone, at home, with some hand lotion.
Don’t think Hillary has the Democratic nomination for president all sewn up. Bernie Sanders has some great ideas that need discussing, and, well, if I were really shallow  and I am — then I might point out that Democratic contender for the 2016 election, Martin O’Malley is hot.

Now, I’m not saying I’d vote for him because he’s hot, but I am saying that if he gets elected president in 2016, I’d like to pass a law that every single speech he gives be done shirtless.
New show … hot men.

Proof is about a doctor’s quest to find out if there is something after death, and I find the subject interesting because I fully, completely believe in reincarnation or something else after I leave this body. But, speaking of bodies, and hot men, nice segue, eh, let’s talk Edi Gathegi as Zed, a new hot young hotshot doctor. Or David Callum as the writer of books about after-life. Or David Sutcliffe — whom I’ve always found attractive — as well as Matthew Modine, who is aging so nicely.

I like the idea of the show, and hope it gives us some interesting episodes, but I’ll also watch for the man candy because, as I said in that earlier snippet, I’m shallow like that.
Donald Trump threw his toupee into the GOP Clown Car this week, making sure to produce a bank statement to show us how rich he is because, well, nothing says I’ll help the poor and the middle class like I have $9 billion in the bank.

And nothing says presidential like calling all Mexican immigrants, and all brown skinned immigrants, in fact, rapists and thieves.

And nothing says honesty like the story that’s come out about Trump paying people $50 a pop to attend his announcement.
Chipotle has come out for Pride … see what I did there? Out? For Pride? Anyway, I love their ad that’s running during Pride month[s] and I love their food.
Rachel Dolezal. The woman who resigned from the NAACP after it was revealed that the Black man in an Instagram photo she called her dad was not her father and that she was, in fact born a white woman.

Dolezal says she identifies as black, but apparently not so much back in 2004 when she sued Howard University, an historically Black college, for discrimination because she is white.

Make up your mind, Rachel, and then go away.
I love a business that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


the dogs' mother said...

We Shall Overcomb...

Frank said...

Another gun tragedy. Shame on America. I agree about gun control, but those who read your blog don't need to be convinced.

anne marie in philly said...

there will be no gun control as long as the NRA exists and congress sells out to them.

"camel toe" - bwhahahaha!

Michael Dodd said...

The wingnuts are already saying that this tragedy would have been averted if all those church people had been armed. Because, yeah, if everyone in that enclosed space were shooting in terror, no one would have been hurt. And unarmed people at a Bible study, THAT'S the problem in America.
I draw your attention to the shortest verse in the Bible, John 11:35 -- Jesus wept.

Professor Chaos said...

If we couldn't pass even weak-tea gun laws after small children were massacred in Sandy Hook, there's no way we're getting any now.

viktor kerney said...

I think Obama will create an EO on gun control

Raybeard said...

Charleston sickening tragedy - Isn't the feeling of deja vu a bit deja vu?

Shirtless Russkies to be outlawed - Can those politicians get any more maniacal in their rabid stupidity? Regrettably, as long as they keep pandering to the hard conservative vote supported by the Orthodox Church, I guess they can. I'm just waiting for the pendulum to swing, as surely it will - and for that dismally backward country to become the most enlightened on Earth. Pity that it seems unlikely to happen in my lifetime, though not impossible.

Helen Lashbrook said...

Donald Trump, the only thing bigger than his combover is his ego