Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ISBL Asshat of the Week: Rick Scott

The GOP likes to pretend they are the pro-life party when, in fact, they are merely the pro-fetus party, because, let’s be queer, once that fetus is out of the Mama the GOP doesn’t really give a rat’s ass about its life.

Case in point: Florida Douchebag Governor, and Teabagging wingnut, Rick Scott who stood by as the Florida Senate killed healthcare for about a million of the state’s working poor and their children. And then he signed an anti-abortion measure into law that will require women to wait 24-hours after their first doctor visit to have an abortion, which might result in more children being born and denied healthcare because, well, Rick Scott.

First up, let me say this: I am not suggesting that women have abortions because there will be no healthcare for their child, I am merely pointing out that Republicans like Rick Scott want to protect the fetus before birth, but not the bay afterwards. He’s basically saying, take all those unborn children, bring them to life, and then f**k them over by taking away healthcare.

See, he cares about the fetus, not about the life.

And here’s another case of GOP hypocrisy: that healthcare bill that Scott just stood by and watched die? The one that would have extended healthcare to 800,000 low-income families? While he supported that bill to deny healthcare to children, that’s not at all what he said while running for reelection on the promise of expanding Florida’s Medicaid program.

And, when the election was over, Scott flip-flopped on his promise of expansion because, he says, the state couldn’t “afford” it, but it could afford an anti-abortion bill that might result in more children being born into poor working class families and subsequently being denied healthcare because it costs too much. Talk about your circular illogical argument.

If the GOP and Rick Scott really cared about innocent children, they would have made sure that these same children have access to healthcare, but Rick Scott doesn’t care about children, he only cares about furthering his political career and pandering to his wingnut base.

Rick Scott: the ISBL Asshat of the Week.


the dogs' mother said...

Oh, dear.

Helen Lashbrook said...

The hypocrisy of these people is beyond belief; after all Beam ME Up Scotty knew the state of the books before the election, it's not as if he was new to the job.