Tuesday, June 02, 2015

New York City To Consider Landmark Status For The Stonewall Inn

In a sign that things are changing — however slowly it might seem at times — for the LGBT community, comes the news that the Stonewall Inn just might become New York City's first landmark designation based on significance to the our community. 

The move is thanks to an 18-month long campaign by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, as announced by Andrew Berman:
“I am deeply gratified that the City of New York will finally consider the Stonewall Inn for landmark designation. This is a long-overdue move to recognize the incredibly important role this site and the riots connected to it have in the struggle for LGBT rights in this country and worldwide. It is critical that the history of sites like Stonewall and the immeasurably important role they played in making our country a more just, open, and accepting place, is recognized and preserved.  
I am glad that the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission has followed in the footsteps of our state and federal government, which in 1999 recognized the unique importance of the Stonewall Inn to our history. But because only New York City landmark designation can protect this site from alteration or demolition, this action is especially important.
This is the first time the New York City has recognized a site with potential landmark designation based solely upon its LGBT history, but it is important that it not be the last."
The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has asked the  Landmarks Preservation Commission to consider other critical LGBT history sites such as the iconic Greenwich Village gay bar Julius, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, and the former Gay Activists Alliance Firehouse.

Next up, the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission can schedule a public hearing and vote on whether it will be officially designated.

As it should ….


Michael Dodd said...

"As it should ..."

John Gray said...

The start of change
Real change

designing wally said...

I hope so, fingers crossed..!

mistress maddie said...

That would be great news. Every time David and I go there for drinks, it is always awe inducing to know what went on there, and what they did for us! And it is one cozy place to meet good friends and have a good relax and have a toast to its pass patrons.

the dogs' mother said...


Biki Honko said...

I sure hope it makes the cut, that would be enormous for us to have a landmark for the ages, but to be recognized that way is delightful and fabulous to be finally physically written into the history.

Raybeard said...

Surely no one could object, could they? (COULD they?)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Incredible! Very exciting.