Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Cuz Being Batman Is Cheaper

Some folks will go to any length to save a buck … or a few bucks.

Case in point: one Adam Armstrong of Manchester England.

Armstrong says his girlfriend’s stepdad accidentally booked him as “Adam West” when buying his ticket on Ryanair because “Adam West” is what Adam Armstrong calls himself on Facebook because Batman because dumb.

But, since the name on the ticket has to match the name on the passport, Adam couldn’t use the ticket, and so he called Ryanair to change the name on the ticket from “Adam West” to “Adam Armstrong.” And Ryanair agreed to change the name on Adam’s ticket, but for a fee, of course, because airlines because corporate greed because money.

The fee was £220, or about $336 American and Adam Armstrong thought this was exorbitant so … Adam Armstrong found out that it would be cheaper to legally change his name to Adam West ... it's free ... and then he would have to pay just £103 or $157 American for a new Adam West passport.

And that’s what he did cuz being Batman is cheaper.


the dogs' mother said...

Oh, for heaven's sake!

anne marie in philly said...


Helen Lashbrook said...

Ryanair is an el cheapo airline that sells itself on being cheap (and renowned for having the worst customer service EVER), but ramps up the profit by charging for every little thing, like going to the toilet on the plane (no wonder Depardieu prefers to use a bottle). Take an oversize suitcase? Wham huge extra fees! You end up paying as much or more than going on an ordinary carrier who actually have customer services and free inflight food.

Mitchell is Moving said...

Well, slap my face and call me Commissioner Gordon!