Thursday, June 18, 2015

GOPeople Are Stupid

Every time I think the GOP, and by that I mean the party and the people who identify as republicans, can’t get any stupider, well, they suddenly reveal an entire sub-basement of asshattery.

Case in point: President Obama made a surprise appearance at the annual congressional baseball game last week, and he started out by sitting in the Democrats’ dugout. But then he crossed over and was going to sit with the Republicans for a while when it happened.
Fans in the Democrats’ section began chanting “Four more years!” and Teabagistan and Conservative-ville and GOPLand went apesh*t. 

Especially one John S. Roberts who writes for Young Conservatives and felt the need to remind Democrats that the 22nd Amendment prohibits President Obama — and any president — from seeking a third term.

Um, I wasn’t at the game but I’m guessing, and call me crazy, because you GOPeople seem to have a close connection to crazy, but wasn’t that chanting a joke? Perhaps they don’t know because commenters on Roberts’ article were enraged, and deranged, at the mere thought of people shouting “Four more years” at Obama:

Thanks for the reminder, Captain Obvious! But someone named “Mitch” wasn’t having it, and took off his foil hat long enough to open his Conspiracy File and tell us this:

And “Mitch’s” fellow loons loudly responded with their posts of “Me, too! Me, too! Me, too!” though wingnut, gun-nut replied with a threat against the President—and I’m hoping that means he, or she, is now on a watch list:

And this guy believes, really believes, that President Obama will break the string of consecutive peaceful transfers of power in the United States that goes all the way back to George Washington because, well, Obama:

And he had his followers, too:

Seriously, people? After all the blatant racism, the lack of any kind of aid from the Republicans in Congress, the personal attacks on his family, the Do-Nothing Congress he’s worked with, or tried to work with the last six years, does anyone with half a brain rally think Obama will try to circumvent the Constitution and stay in office even if he wanted to?

Siddown, GOPeople your crazy is showing. And save all your conspiracy theories for when Hillary — or any Democrat — takes office in 2017.

Four more years!!!


Anonymous said...

As an FDR Democrat - I believe that we need a President who like FDR will put the fear back into the business hacks and leeches who speculate with other people's money then have the government bail them out. It was the Republicans who rammed through the amendment after FDR was elected to 4 consecutive terms as President. He died months into his 4th term. The Republicans had to wait until after he died to try something like this. What was the nation to do; elect Thomas Dewey in the middle of a war? So, under the guise of having Republicans in the Oval Office and in positions of power in an administration every 8 years, they rammed through the amendment. I think that the only President who could have had a 3rd term was Bill Clinton, another Democrat btw. For his faults, the nation loved him.

the dogs' mother said...

Thinking good thoughts for all South Carolina folks today. Stay safe!

Susan said...

I realize the Obama bashers are easily enraged at the thought of "four more years," and were so quick with the ridiculous and inane comebacks. Too bad they could not imagine some of those who were chanting might have meant, four more years of a Democrat!

anne marie in philly said...

I have yet to meet a GOPer who wasn't a batshit fucking crazy religious freak!

Biki Honko said...

Good grief could they be more racist?