Friday, June 19, 2015

Minute Rant: WTF South Carolina

This past Wednesday night nine people were killed in a racist terror attack in a Charleston Church, and so yesterday, in a tribute to those nine people who died because of racism in this country, and the availability of guns to terrorists, the two flags atop the South Carolina Statehouse — the state flag and the American flag — were lowered to half-staff. They will stay there for nine days in honor of each one of the victims.

And yet one flag still flies high and, to some, proud over the capitol building: the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds.

And that wasn’t an oversight, or a mistake. It’s state law in South Carolina. And while Governor Haley has jurisdiction over how and when state flags fly, the Confederate flag is under the authority of the state's General Assembly. It can't be changed in any way without a sign-off from the General Assembly.

And apparently, our General Assembly doesn’t give a lick about what flying that flag, that hateful, hate-filled flag, means to the people of Charleston, and the families of the victims.

WTF South Carolina. WTF?


Jennifer said...

WTF, indeed. I takes me ashamed to live here.

the dogs' mother said...

Is the General Assembly in session.
Ours is, only because the Governor dragged
them back for a second special session to
get the damn budget done.

the dogs' mother said...

Interesting - apparently the flag is fixed
to the pole. I guess so no-one can lower it
and take it off in the middle of the night.
That tells you something right there.

anne marie in philly said...

it's like faux noise (fox "news") saying that the people were killed because they were "christians".

IT'S AN F-ING HATE CRIME AGAINST THE BLACK COMMUNITY! and against us all as americans.

I wanna bash the murdering mofo's head in with a baseball bat myself.

MJJM said...

If that mass shooting had happened in a gay bar those church folks would be saying we'd brought it on ourselves.