Monday, June 29, 2015

Can I Get An Amen: Roselyn Sanchez and Cristián De La Fuente To Donald [t]Rump: "We quit!"

So, when announcing his run to be president, Donald [t]Rump had a full racist rant about Mexicans coming to, ahem “our” country, and how they were all thieves and rapists and drug dealers, though “some of them” were good.

Yeah, that’s so presidential. Anyway, on the heels of those remarks, Univision, the biggest Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States, has canceled its telecast of the Miss USA pageant because of [t]Rump’s part-ownership in the organization.

[t]Rump then fired back, in another display of pettiness, childishness, and bad toupee management, when he said that no Univision employees would be welcome at any of his hotels. Yeah, he’s that spoiled little brat.

Now, though, he’s gotten another smack, this time from Puerto Rican singer-actress Roselyn Sanchez and Chilean actor Cristián de la Fuente who had been scheduled to co-host the Spanish simulcast of the pageant, but have now opted out.

Roselyn Sanchez, star of Lifetime’s Devious Maids, posted a statement on Facebook explain her decision:
"As a Latina, proud of my roots, culture and all that we have contributed to this nation, I decided to cancel my participation as co-host the Miss USA pageant [and] not tolerate the so disrespectful and hurtful words out of the mouth of Mr. Trump.
It seems incredible that in his speech to announce his candidacy, he has had that lapse of intelligence and decency. Mexicans, like all Latinos, contribute positively to this great nation. We are the force that keeps the country afloat. 
I was very excited and proud to have been invited to participate in Miss USA, but as a Latina, that is now inconceivable. Although I am not Mexican, I am Puerto Rican and a proud Latina, and his comments were an insult to our culture. I won't sponsor anything produced by Donald Trump."
Cristián de la Fuente, also appearing on Devious Maids, also used social media to explain his decision for pulling out of the pageant:
"It is unacceptable to launch a presidential candidacy created on a rhetoric of hatred and discrimination in calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. It is a shame that such an important institution as Miss USA is in the hands of a clown."
Meanwhile, NBC, set to broadcast next month, distanced themselves from [t]Rump’s racism, saying that his opinions do not represent those of NBC.

Here’s the queer deal: if you watch beauty pageants, maybe skip this one, huh? Why line the pockets of a racist presidential candidate? Send a message to [t]Rump that he does not represent America or Americans and that we are tired of his divisive brand of rhetoric.

Look … just don’t watch. It’s that simple.
Roselyn Sanchez
Cristián de la Fuente


Hot guys said...

Not a Mexican over here but a human.
Glad to hear they got out of it.
Love Roselyn. :)

Mitchell is Moving said...

I haven't had any interest in it since [t]Rump (I love his new name) got involved. Just when I think the man can't get any more idiotic... off he goes!

the dogs' mother said...

He's getting off to a great start isn't he?!

mistress maddie said...

I don't know who he and his family think they are. I do believe they think there America s royalty. SO FAR FROM IT! Ivana was smart to leave his toupeed ass! I wouldn't want the on top of me.....or under!

anne marie in philly said...

NBC has fired the (t)Rump; they refuse to broadcast the miss USA and miss universe pageants.

@the mistress - I wouldn't want that freak anywhere MY nether regions! ;-)