Monday, April 28, 2014

WTF? Nick Cannon

Okay, Nick Cannon, we get it.

You're "married" to Mariah Carey and she makes all the money and gets all the attention, so you're reduced to acting the fool in public.

Doesn't mean you have to dress the part.



anne marie in philly said...


his bitch is always running around with her huge T&A exposed, so I guess this is his way of screaming LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE!

Ron said...

I agree with Anne Marie, this is only Nick's way of saying LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE! Remember when he had the kidney stone? It just wasn't a kidney stone (of which I know of) but a "Partial kidney failure". With these self absorbed divas it's always SO MUCH BIGGER. LOOK AT MEEEEEE!