Monday, April 28, 2014

When BYU Asks About Sexual Orientation, LGBT Is Not An Option

Out there Utah way, the folks at Brigham Young University — fully owned and operated by the Mormon Church — distributed a survey to students so that, ALLEGEDLY, the school might better understand these “Millennial’s” attitudes regarding The Gays and same-sex attraction.
Trouble is, nowhere on the questionnaire is there a place to mark if you’re a gay.

The survey begins: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [LDS] is conducting a focus group to better understand your views on marriage and same-sex attraction … ”

But, while the short survey asks basic questions — Are you intimidated by people you are unfamiliar with, or Do you enjoy participating in new situations; Are you open to new ideas and experiences; Are you comfortable expressing your opinion to others — the survey also asks students to rate their “stance on social and moral issues” on a scale of 1-5 scale: “Traditional / conservative” to “Progressive / liberal.”

Simple, basic questions, no? Sure, until you get to that question; the one where Brigham Young asks the students: “What is your sexual orientation?”

The students have three options:
I am heterosexual, but I struggle with same-sex attraction.
I am heterosexual and do not struggle with same-sex attraction.
Other, please specify.
So, it seems that the Mormon Church, which has recently created a website called “Mormon and Gay” does not believe people can be gay; they can either be straight, or straight and “struggling with a same-sex attraction" but not gay, never gay. of course, you could check ‘other’ and then specify, but why is it so hard to ask folks if they’re gay, even for the Mormons?

Seriously, LDS, get ye olde arses into this century; there are gays everywhere, even sitting next to you in church, even in your family, in your classrooms, on your job site, and when you make it clear that ‘gay’ is not an answer to the question What is your sexual orientation, you are continuing to deny our existence.

We’re here, we’re queer and, some of us, are Mormons.


Raybeard said...

It just beggars belief - but, unfortunately, I can quite easily believe it.
Reminds me of the struggles for equality we had in the 90s when opponents would say things like "We have got protect children who are confused about their sexuality." (unsaid: by denying them information!). Meaning, that if a youngster thinks he might be gay he MUST be confused - while, presumably, if another thinks that he is hetero, could HE also be confused? Not on your nelly!

the dogs' mother said...

Is it anonymous?
I would have been gobsmacked if handed such a survey as a college freshman.

Professor Chaos said...

I have to think anyone who's honest would have to check "other."

anne marie in philly said...

the mormons hope that by saying "lalalalalala there are no gays lalalalalala" they can stave off the inevitable. WRONG!!!!!

Ron said...

The Mormons and others of their ilk will never understand that some are born with same sex attraction. The Mormons can continue to deny but the toothpaste is already out of the tube.