Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Republican Governors Association Runs Atrocious Political Ad

Down here in South Carolina — where It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity — our governor, the Transparent Nikki Haley is running for reelection against the Democratic candidate, and resident of Smallville where yours truly resides, Vincent Sheheen.

Last time out the GOP barely eked out a victory over Sheheen to put Haley in the Governor’s mansion and this time around they want to make sure it isn’t even closer or, goddess forbid, Haley gets bounced out on her ass, so the Republican Governors Association [RGA] has decided to run what many are calling the Most Atrocious Political Ad Of 2014.

In the ad, Vincent Sheheen our state Senator and criminal attorney is blasted for representing civil and criminal clients because, apparently, our GOP in South Carolina does not believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, or that everyone even deserves to have a lawyer.

The new ad, produced by the RGA, targets Vincent Sheheen for “defend[ing] violent criminals” and ends with the tagline “Vincent Sheheen protects criminals not South Carolina.”

Basically, what the RGA is trying to say is that Sheheen should never be governor because he once provided counsel to people who were accused of a crime; not guilty of a crime, mind you, just simply accused of a crime.

And the ad plays up that Sheheen has represented every kind of criminal, even :::gasp::: sex offenders and child abusers and, yes, while maybe some of these people were guilty of their crimes, they all had the right, under our laws, to have legal representation.

And true, some of Sheheen’s clients might have been guilty, but in this country, so far, we don’t lock people up in prison because they are accused to crimes. We have a trial, and even the criminal has a lawyer; evidence is heard and finally a ruling on guilt or innocence is rendered.

How does that may anyone unfit to be governor? Oh, yeah, it doesn’t, unless you’re the GOP of South Carolina; unless you’re Nikki Haley.


the dogs' mother said...

Oh, for heaven's sake!

Ron said...

Playing to the worst fears of the Low Information Voter, always a sure fire way for the Republicans to get power and stay in power.

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