Tuesday, April 15, 2014


No, silly, that’s not the number of posts on this here bloggy thing — I’m closing in on 5,600 believe it or not.

Three-thousand is the number same-sex couples who have been married in New Jersey since October 21st when marriage equality became legal; during that same time frame there have been 43,619 opposite-sex marriages, which means about one of 15 marriages performed since October were for same-sex couples.

And yet there’s been no Hurricane Sandy striking the Jersey Shore and no Chris Christie trying to block the marriage aisle like he did a certain bridge.

LGBT advocates and researchers say the numbers are about what they expected — and are in line with the numbers of same-sex marriages performed in other states where equality became law, but these same activists say that now, with wedding season approaching, the numbers could go even higher!

And, in addition to the joy of being allowed full equality, the joy of getting married — if that’s what you want — there’s the added bonus of an estimated $94 million boon to the New Jersey economy over the next three years.

Same-sex marriage is not only legal, it’s good for the economy; and it’s fabulous!


the dogs' mother said...

Good for people, good for children, good for families.

Biki Honko said...

Yeah, considering all the places in the country that has same sex marriage, nothing horrible has occurred. However, in places with the worst racism, the least lgbt rights, and restricted abortion access, those are the places that are kept being hit with hurricanes, tornadoes, and violent storms. Could G_d be trying to tell us something???