Thursday, April 10, 2014

Random Musings

So, Carlos’ birthday was Monday. I took him out for a celebratory dinner over the weekend at one of our favorite places, but Monday was the actual day so I planned to have his giftage for him that day.

Sadly, though I’d wanted to wake up early and have the present on the breakfast table for him, I slept a bit too long, and decided I’d give him his gift after work that night. That didn’t stop him from looking around for a gift or a card, or even an acknowledgment of his birthday; but here was none because I’m mean, or sneaky.

Another plus, was that I had the day off from work so I could bake him a birthday cake—the boy does love his cakes.

So, that I did; I baked a lovely Carrot Cake and wrapped his gifts, but then I realized he had to go to a meeting that night and would only be home a half-hour or so after work, jest enough time to grab a bite, so I decided to hold the cake and gist until he came home for the night.

Poor thing. The look on his face; he looked in the kitchen for a gift; he looked in the living room; he checked the fridge for a cake — which I had removed and set in the guest bedroom bathroom, out of sight.

I’m mean, or sneaky, like that.

And so, when he finally got home a little after 9PM I had his cake and gifts out on the kitchen island and he lit up like the gayest Christmas tree ever.

I might be mean, or sneaky, or whatever, but the look on his face was worth it.

Oh, and he liked the cake, too.

A new Tumblr was created by University of Virginia students asking for photographs illustrating "diversity" and this is one from the UVA swim team:

Hmm, you can’t spot the gay guys?

Interesting. I guess it really doesn’t make a difference.
Last month, Honey Maid graham crackers launched a new ad campaign called "This Is Wholesome" that highlighted all kinds of families, including an interracial couple, a single dad, and a gay couple.

Naturally, it spurred the bigots and homophobes to call for a boycott; the ironically, and incorrectly, named One Million Moms said Honey Maid and its parent company, Nabisco, "should be ashamed of themselves" for their "attempt to normalize sin."

And Twitter went crazy with folks saying they were disgusted by Honey Maid, and sickened by Honey Maid, and would never ever buy Honey Maid Graham Crackers again!

:::foot stomp head snap:::

But instead of bending to the haters, Honey Maid took the hate and turned it into something positive:

Love; sometimes it’s a big F-U to hate.
Speaking of bigotry and homophobia, the Hawaii Catholic schools office, which supervises three dozen Roman Catholic private schools in the state, approved a new contract that says teachers can be fired if they engage in homosexual activity or marry someone of the same sex; they can also be fired if they’ve had an abortion, used in vitro fertilization or live in "unmarried cohabitation."

Way to stay current. But it’s the Catholics so what do you expect?

And, not to be outdone by those showy Catholics, a top Mormon official — Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve … which sounds oddly Harry Potter-ish — reiterated the church’s longstanding opposition to same-sex marriage:

"While many governments and well-meaning individuals have redefined marriage, the Lord has not. He designated the purpose of marriage to go far beyond the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of adults, to more importantly, advancing the ideal setting for children to be born, reared and nurtured."

Funny, though, the Mormons who once espoused polygamy, don’t seem to get the irony in their statement about redefining marriage.

But it’s the Mormons so what do you expect?
One of my favorite shows, Being Human, ended its run this week. I never got into the Brit version upon which it was based and that may have been because it didn’t star one Sam Witwer.

A hot vampire if there ever was one. :::sniff::: Hopefully Sam gets a new TV gig where he can be hot and shirtless.

Just sayin'.
Congratulations to designer Tom Ford who just married Richard Buckley, his partner of twenty-seven years.

The march down the aisle goes on …
An old feature on this here bloggy thing was the ISBL Guest Comment of the Week.

I would scour the comments each week and then pick one that made me laugh, made me think, or even pissed me off, and post it again.

But that was a lot of work each week and so it petered out. However, this week, I found one comment -- on the Sister Laurel post -- that made me laugh out loud, and so I'll present the ISBL OGCotW to ♫Musique♫ for this:

Congrats, and maybe this will return to the blog every once in a while.
And TV. Wow, in the spring it sucks.

Resurrection is dead to me; I no longer believe in Believe; Da Vinci’s Demons have been offed on my TV.

Justified, starring the oh-so-hot Timothy Olyphant — ended its season this week and I’m already slipped into withdrawal issues, but next week, in its place, is a TV version, or reboot, or sequel, to Fargo. Could be crazy, could be crazy fun.

And speaking of crazy fun, Nurse Jackie returns this Sunday.

I guess it’s a good thing I cleaned up some recording space on the DVR?
Two Ru’s for the price of one! Woo-hoo-Ru.

This week’s first episode challenged the girls to pair up and create a commercial for RuPaul's Glamazon makeup line. And since this is TV and nothing’s real, those girls that didn’t care for one another were unexpectedly paired together!

Drag queen say what?

BenDeLaCreme was teamed with bitchy Darienne Lake; BFFs—at least on TV—Laganja and Adore Delano were a pair, Joslyn Fox and her idol Courtney Act, and Bitchy Bianca and Try Harder Trinity.

Ben and Darienne were not funny, and missed the mark in their ad, making it more about plastic surgery. Laganja and Adore sailed to a win on Adore’s semi-talented performance. Joslyn and Courtney channeled their inner real Housewives of Blahs-ville, while Trinity and Bianca were quite funny, and Trinity really stepped up her game.

Ben and Darienne are up for elimination and while I rooted for some Ben, Darienne knocked her out of the lip-sync. Luckily, though, Ru kept both girls to die another day.

Episode Two: The Drag Queens of Comedy! I loves me some funny, and I loves me some funny drag queens. Unfortunately, this season, there wasn’t a lot of funny on the stage and it was no contest as to who won the challenge:
Bianca Del Rio was high-larious! Seriously, I had DVRd the episode and watched it with Carlos and replayed it a few times because we were laughing so hard  her jokes. And she rocked the Runway Challenge in her Black-and-White Ball Gown. I may a new favorite.

Trinity K. Bonet was a true surprise. I was growing so tired of her defeatist attitude each and every week, and it looked to continue on the comedy stage. But she really brought the funny—and really brought the crowd back to life after the disastrous performance that came before her. I hope her streak continues because she’s starting to grow on me.

Darienne is hilarious, if a bit bitchy, only not this week. She’s a riot in her confessionals but onstage she was just so-so. And it doesn’t help that I just plain don’t like her. She’s like the Mean girl of the group, nice, or at least pretending to be nice, to your face, then all kinds of backstabbity behind your back.

BenDeLaCreme. What’s happening to you? I would have thought you’d have rocked the funny but it just flopped. She literally told a joke, and then ran to the next; wait for the laugh, girl. Or wait for the heckler to shout, “Tell a joke” and then get offstage. And, while I loved her Black-and-White gown, Michelle says all she gets from DeLa is costumes and she wants to know the queen. She bettah brang it next week, or she’ll be lipsticking the mirror on her way out.

Adore Delano, after the win last episode, fell flat. I love a curse word almost better than anyone but just stringing together f-bombs doesn’t a comedian make. Her Black-and-White look was better than previous, perhaps because this week she went mini-skirt so there would be no digs about gown length.

Courtney Act. I’m over you. Your Black-and-White look was cool, but your comedy wasn’t comedy. You sang a song, and not even a real funny song. Plus, you’re still doing pretty and only pretty. Maybe Bianca really does need to help you pack your bags?

Joslyn Fox started off strong with an ADD joke and then :::crickets::: And her runway look was like a Black-and-White version of what she wore last week that the judges trashed. Does she just own one piece of drag in every color? Still, her lip-sync was spot on, and the accidental matching drop-split with Laganja was a true highlight.

Laganja, Laganja, Laganja. Adios mama, oh-krrrrr? You should’a gone home before now because you’re just a poser. That whole sitting under the table thing? It’s what a six-year-old does to get attention, mama. Your comedy, mama? Not funny, mama. You’re lip-sync sunk, mama. You were terrible, mama. Oh-krrrrr.

What did YOU think?
When Obamacare compelled businesses to include emergency contraception in their employee health care plans, Hobby Lobby, a national chain of craft stores, was not having it and fought the law all the way to the Supreme Court. The contraception mandate, they said, forced them to violate their religious beliefs.

Funny though, because while tit foot stomped at SCOTUS, Hobby Lobby was spending millions of dollars on an employee retirement plan that invested in Teva Pharmaceutical , the manufacturers of the exact same contraceptive products — Plan B and Para Gard — that the firm's owners cited in their lawsuit.

So, they were making money off of the contraceptive they were fighting to have removed from their ACA plan; hypocrite say what?
So, recently in New Jersey, some comedians held a roast for former New Jersey Governor Brendan Byrne and current New Jersey governor, liar, and bully, Chris Christie attended.

Well, some of the comedians took their shots at Christie over BridgeGate, and among those was Joy Behar:

“When I first heard that he was accused of blocking off three lanes on the bridge, I said, ‘What the hell is he doing, standing in the middle of the bridge?”

Chuckle worthy. But after a few more Christie jokes, the big man stood up, interrupted her, and said, “This is a Byrne roast.”

When he tried to grab her notes, the audience laughed awkwardly.

“Stop bullying me,” Behar said as he sat down, to which said something and Behar shot back:
 “Why don’t you get up here at the microphone instead of being such a coward?”

Christie stood up, walked to the lectern and said, “At least I don’t get paid for this.”

Then he sat down, giving Behar the last word; big mistake … huge.

“I really don’t know about the Presidency. Let me put it to you this way, in a way that you’d appreciate: You’re toast.”

Look, I get PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but sometimes I think they should sit down and rethink their agenda.

It now appears that PETA  is looking to turn the $295,000 2,170-square-foot, mid-century modern private home into a vegan restaurant called “Eat for Life: Home Cooking.”
Oh, and the home they wish to use once belonged to Jeffrey Dahmer, and is the same home where the serial rapist, torturer and cannibal killed, dismembered and buried 19-year-old Steven Hicks.

PETA says:

 “We are always looking forward to ways to draw attention to the violence inherent in the production of meat, eggs and milk — which involve processes that would shock all but the most hard-hearted person. Dahmer’s old house gives us a way to evoke sympathy for these victims and to suggest that a life-affirming diet can change everything.”

It appears, thankfully, that the house is not zoned for commercial use, so maybe this is just a PETA publicity stunt.

In the poorest of taste.


mistress maddie said...

Love the honey maid commercials, there great! Sounds like Carlos had a great day! I also have the feeling he got a little somein somein extra!!!! And if that cow Darienne doesn't go soon..........

the dogs' mother said...

xoxox for Carlos for being patient. :-)
Comedy is not our favorite challenge as we feel for the challenged queens but, omg! Trinity K. Bonet!!
The new car smell was a winner, chortle.
Bravo for the UVA swim team.

anne marie in philly said...

you are a tease, keeping poor carlos waiting so long!

YAYZ for the UVA swim team, joy behar, honey maid, and musique!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to Carlos!
LOVE Joy Behar;
Could not believe Tom Ford and his partner have been together TWENTY SEVEN YEARS - WOW! Congrats to them;
Saw the Honey Maid commercial and I had no idea there was any backlash. Way to go Honey Maid.

Ron said...

Joy Behar has more balls that Christie that most Jersey politicians.

Biki Honko said...

Happy Birthday Carlos! Hope you have many many more!

The Honey Maid ad response to the hate is perfect, absolutely perfect.

Way to go swim team!

chortle! new car smell!!

"showy catholics" oh my, you do have the gift for turning boring words into magic.

One horrid year I had to wait 3 months, count em 3! for any b'day celebration. And no, I've never let TH live that down, and most likely wont...