Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Wedding Bells

I am currently in the ninth day of a ‘Three Days Coming, Three Days With You, Three Days Leaving’ head could—which is giving me the impression via hacking cough, runny nose and sore throat that it won’t be obeying the rules and might stick around a bit longer. So, I was looking for some good news because I thought maybe the karma of sharing the good news would force my cold to leave my cynical snarky body and I found this, or, these:

Pem Brown & Carl Sciortino
Carl Sciortino, a gay man trying to win an election to represent Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District, married his partner of five years, Pem Brown, last Saturday.
And he sees his wedding — met with very little controversy — as evidence of the amount of progress the LGBT community has made over the last 10 years, especially after the Supreme Court kicked DOMA and Prop H8 to the curb:
“I think the fact that I can get married as a congressional candidate in a middle of the election, and it’s not a big deal, not a controversy, is a sign of how far we’ve come … When I first ran for office in 2004 at the height of the marriage debate here, it was inconceivable then that I could 10 years later be getting married, and have it be recognized not only by the State of Massachusetts, but the federal government.”— Carl Sciortino
Sciortino, who has touted his progressive values in running for Congress, is credited as a state lawmaker with helping beat back a state constitutional amendment that would have rescinded marriage rights for gay couples in Massachusetts.

The location of the Sciortino-Brown wedding, the Old South Meeting House, is significant for the LGBT rights movement because it’s where the LGBT community gathered in 2003 to celebrate the night of the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision that brought marriage equality to the first jurisdiction in the country.

Congratulations to the happy couple, for every step one of us makes is another step for all of us.

TR Knight & Patrick Leahy
And, speaking of steps, actor T.R. Knight, formerly of Grey’s Anatomy, is also a married man now, having wed his boyfriend, Patrick Leahy in upstate New York last Friday.

Knight, currently playing the role of Mercutio in the Classic Stage Company's off-Broadway production of William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet in New York City, and Leahy kept the affair simple and private, but congratulations none-the-less.

Dot-Marie Jones & Bridgett Casteen
And finally, wallowing in good news also, is Glee star Dot-Marie Jones, who just became engaged to her girlfriend Bridgett Casteen at Gay Days Anaheim at Disneyland last week.
“It’s the happiest day of my life. I never thought I’d find somebody that is so loving and kind.”—Dot-Marie Jones
Yup, all that good news night just do the trick to get this head cold moving on out …


the dogs' mother said...

Congrats to the happy couples :-)

(chicken broth with lots of tabasco)


Huntress said...

Congrats to the happy couples and get healthy soon. Load up on a little spicy food. It'll clear things up quick, even if for a little while.

anne marie in philly said...

SQUEEEEEEEEEE for happy couples!

my walking pneumonia still lingers, albeit much in remission since last week. but nag at me it does.

RAD said...

so many marrriages!! So much happiness Im going to burst!

Biki Honko said...

so much happiness, tis a wonderful change of news, yeah?