Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: The Daisen House

Now, this may not be politically correct, but this house -- and I'll say that I like it very much -- looks a little like a train derailment to me. That said, it's also odd, functional, a bit business-like, and quite peaceful looking.

It's a guest house in the forest of Daisen piedmont, near Yonago City, Japan. And it sits among the pines and the cherry trees; you know, the cherry blossoms would be spectacular here. Plus, it's set among the trees without cutting too many down, so I like that green aspect as well.

The lot was carefully surveyed and analyzed for building, and designed in a way to connect each functional space of the house by short connecting passages. Differently-pitched roofs snuggling up to the extension of branches and foliage made it possible to take in sunlight effectively.

Since Daisen gets roughly seven feet of snow each year, the house uses a "piloti style" in the living spaces on the second floor in order to allow ample cross-breeze, while also reducing moisture and heat rising from the ground in summer. It's simple, but it makes it easier to heat and cool the house naturally.

And it's designed to be at one with the forest, to coexist actually, without either one infringing upon the other.


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mistress maddie said...

I must admit, I can't get pass the outside, but I LOVE THE interior!!!! All the openness, wood tones and I love stark white against wood, so chic. Plus the angular outdoor path deck is very nice.

Nila Akther said...

This is a great information that everyone who suffers with photography needs to know. According to you high levels of Architectural lead to cancer?

Anonymous said...

You have to hand it to the Japanese. They more than anyone else know how to make literally anything into home sweet home. I love what they did with this!