Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Musings

Project Runway: All-St★rs starts tomorrow night, so let’s take a look at who’s come crawling back:
  • Jeffrey Sebelia: He won in Season 3 so why does he get a second shot? I thought the All-Strs would be folks who didn't win. Since his win Sebelia — who calls himself the “God of Chaos” — has launched a successful high-end kids' line called La Miniatura. Why.Is.He.Here?
  • Mychael KnightHe was also in Season 3 — placing fourth — and was voted Fan Favorite. I always liked his designs, so I’m looking forward to seeing him come back. Knight has created several lines, like Mychael Knight, Kitty & Dick—female and male lingerie, and MajK, a unisex fragrance. He has also designed for the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah.
  • Korto Momolu: The Season 5 runner-up, Korto was quite the crier and the first of the “I need this because fashion is my life’ speechifiers. But I loved her style—colorful and African. She has her own line; an eco-friendly collection called Green Love, and has designed for everyone from Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes, the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and for the Walton Family, who own Wal-Mart. M’kay.
  • Irina Shabayeva: She won Season 6 — AKA The Season That Almost Destroyed The PR — in LA so, again, why is she back? She started a bridal line after "Runway" and has designed for Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood, for her album cover "Blown Away."
  • Seth Aaron HendersonWhy not dub this PR All-Strs, The Winners return, because Seth Aaron won Season 7. His designs are inspired by music, specifically new wave, punk and 80s Goth, and feature organic fabrics and recyclable plastic bottles. Since winning the PR he’s done red carpet commentary for E! and served as a part of the fashion judging panel for past PR seasons.
  • Ari South: Finally, a non-winner; South was Third in Season 8 and I don’t remember her at all. Until … Ari, a female, used to be Andy South. Now I remember! Oy! Ari feels that living her life as an openly transgendered person gives her ability to impact not only who she is as a designer but also others. Her first collection was picked up by Neiman Marcus in Hawaii and has been carried there ever since.
  • Viktor Luna: He came in Third on Season 9, and while a bit of a diva, his clothes were beautiful and always finished. His collection is geared towards a woman who is empowered, elegant and edgy, um, like Ciara, Carly Rae Jepsen, Big Boi and Jesse Tyler Ferguson[?].
  • Melissa Fleis: Finishing Third in Season Ten, the Goth Barbie designs for "independent, savvy girls who like to wear black". Since PR she’s been creating custom leather jackets and clutches, and one day hopes to create a lifestyle brand that includes interior design and furniture.
  • Christopher Palu: Although he didn't win his season — he placed Fourth in Season 10 — Palu wants y’all to know that he has the most challenge wins of any All-Strs EVER!!  He has training from the Fashion Institute of Technology and his speed gives him an advantage when it comes to designing. He’s also a bit of a whiny lil bitch, you know.
  • Elena Slivnyak: Elena finished sixth in Season 10. When it comes to fashion, shoes and accessories are musts, and her icon is Lady Gaga, and though the PR was one of the most stressful things Elena claims she has done, she is prepared and ready to compete for the win. Uh huh; I sense a breakdown coming.
  • Daniel Esquivel: Finishing Fourth in Season 11, Esquivel — of the wack-a-doo facial hair — is ready to show his more competitive side this time around. His styles root from upbeat happy music and are described as free, modern and sexy. Daniel mostly designs for elite clientele in Austin.

What do YOU think?

So, we likes some Revenge around our house on Sunday nights and we loved Season One when we learned that Nolan [Gabriel Mann] was a homosexual and had several G-rated sex scenes on the show. We were less than happy when, last season, suddenly Nolan was in love with a woman, though an ex-boyfriend was hanging around for a while until he just disappeared for no reason; well, maybe it was bad writing.

But, we’re excited this season now that Victoria’s bastard son, Patrick [Justin Hartley], showed up. He’s been circling Nolan for a while, and BAM! last episode Nolan ran into Patrick a second time and — wait for it — kissed him! Patrick tried to act surprised, and Nolan started to get embarrassed, until Patrick kissed him back!

I love the twist because, well, maybe Patrick isn’t gay but he’ll act the part to get info from Nolan.

At any rate, it was quite the steamy lip-lock.

You gotta love those Teabaggers, they’re nothing if not amusing. And, well, kinda dumb.

At a Tea Party Unity event this week, former Baptist pastor Rick Scarborough was joined by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera in a discussion about how to stop the growing tide of LGBT equality in the U.S.

Well, first off, they can’t, but let’s continue …

Their solution? They wish to file a class-action lawsuit against homosexuality just like when the attorney generals of 46 states filed a lawsuit against the big tobacco companies in 1998.
Yes, they want to sue Gay, er, Queer, um, Fag, or Homosexuality.

Like I said, Dumb, because who are they going to name as defendants in their case? The entire LGBT community?

Bring it, asshats.

And speaking of 'Baggers .... if you sincerely believe Obama is the ant-I-christ, or a Muslim, or Hitler, or a scoialist ..... LEARN TO SPELL!!!!!

Speaker of the House John Boehner on why, after he promised it wouldn't: "I got overrun, that’s what happened."

So, he admits it? He can’t even run his own party?


And speaking of GOP asshats, let’s pause for a minute and reflect on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s week.

He doesn’t want gays to marry; he’s very much against it. And when the New Jersey Supreme Court told him to pound sand, he filed a lawsuit, an appeal. This week the courts told him to sit down and Christie dropped his appeal.

Now, the right0wingnuts of the GOP are all against him because he caved, and the liberal, LGBT-friendly folks are against him because he’s anti-equality.

I think Chris Christie should crawl into a donut and pull the hole in after him.

Over there on Bravo this week they held a Ten year reunion of the old Queer Eye For The Straight Guy crew.

It was fun, and very gay — thanks Carson — and as I watched, I remember the hair dude from the show, Kyan Douglas. He was always kinda cute, with that early 2000’s hair, but now, at 43, he is quite the hottie.

Pia Z’adorable.

I’ve talked a lot about Jake Stallman here on this blog and now I have more good news—you can read my previous post HERE.

Jake came out as gay in the seventh grade and was instantly the target of bullies and haters. But Jake wasn’t having it, and stood up for himself, and demanded that the bullying stop.

And just last week Jake Stallman received the Spirit of Matthew award from the Matthew Shepard Foundation for overcoming bullying and starting an anti-bullying coalition in his high school. Even his mother, Tania, stood up to the bullies, and those who think boys will be boys, and started a Facebook page for anti-bullying.
“I decided to start an anti-bullying campaign on Facebook. When I started it more people were coming forward, letting him know that they had the same concerns you know, with being bullied in the school district, elementary, middle and high school.”—Tania Stallman
After Jake and his mother turned to the Matthew Shepard foundation, they invited him to blog for the foundation, in turn becoming a symbol and ally for other gay students in his school and his town. With his newfound confidence, Jake became the first male cheerleader in his high school’s history. 
”I feel like I became a warrior, a fighter. And I think I became a fighter because there are kids out there who are struggling right now. And if I’m not strong, who’s going to be strong for them?”—Jake Stallman
That’s what we need, more Jake Stallman’s, and more allies like Jake’s mom.
Congratulations, Jake, your strength is enormous!

It's Homecoming season in Texas, and down there in Eagle Pass the royal court made hometown history by electing a homecoming queen... and a homecoming queen.


Jennifer Mijares and Eileen Hernandez are not a couple, but they are allies, and members of the C.C. Winn High School's Gay Straight Alliance [GSA]. They ran for Homecoming Court to promote equality.

And they won. And while their campaign to be Homecoming Queens stirred some controversy, it also sparked a conversation.
"One negative comment changed it to ten positive comments."Jennifer Mijares
"If one person would try bringing us down, so many others would say no, keep your head up. What you're doing is awesome."—Eileen Hernandez
Congrats, Jennifer & Eileen. You might have shocked some folks — especially in Texas — but you’ve done a good thing for the Gay Straight Alliances everywhere.

Some people are so lucky. And some get puked on.

See, Hottie McHot, AKA Ryan Reynolds, was on an airplane recently when a fellow passenger vomited. On.Him. So, Ryan did the only thing he could do, he removed his shirt and finished the flight nekkid from the waist up.

Like I said, some are lucky … like those people, who got to watch shirtless Ryan Reynolds in captivity.

Last week Carlos and I were raking leaves, blowing leaves, mowing leaves. I used a leaf blower to blow some leaves onto the lawn and then Carlos would mow the lawn, and that would mulch the leaves — which could then be used around plants and such for winter.

But, I noticed that as I blew the leaves, and after Carlos mulched, he would empty the mower bags under the trees where I was blowing leaves. 

Meaning I would blow the leaves, he’d mulch and put them under the trees so I could blow them again and he could mulch again.

Oy. We really need a gardener on staff here at Casa Bob y Carlos before I blow and mulch Carlos.

On second thought …


the dogs' mother said...

I agree on the idea of including previous winners - they had their big moment. Wondering if fewer and fewer people are willing to come back and go thru the wringer again. Vincent? Laura? And some of the more whack-a-doodle folks.
Ari South's story and journey will make it an interesting season I think. Important for people to see and understand.
Looking forward to recaps!

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot about Ari South. It will make things interesting. I also remember that $500 gadget she had from Sephora to spray on makeup!

anne marie in philly said...

some brave wonderful people this week. gives me a lift.

and then there are the asshats...teh stoopid.

Ron said...

Love your random musings Bob!

mistress maddie said...

Are you nuts Bob? How do you think Christie will fit in a donut? He'd eat it first!!! Second, had I been next to Ryan Reynolds on the airplane, shirtless, I'd need a drink and cig after that flight. And stop the complaining about the leaves......I'll send some boys down.....

Helen Lashbrook said...

Do the Tea Party have used tea leaves instead of brains? Perhaps that's why they can't spell.

I don't think I've heard of one idea they've had that sounds logical to the normal mind. And why can't they get over the fact that the other side won? I don't recall the Democrats calling Bush the antichrist, let alone the antchrist.

Mitchell is Moving said...

That Tweet makes me love Josh Groban. Couldn't you just leave the leaves under the trees and stomp on them? Ryan Reynolds hires people to puke on him? Very creative suggestion for Christie; I like it.

So sue me!