Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: Casa Bramasole

There are times when I go for a really modern, all glass house with expansive vistas through the woods, or to the ocean, or across a lake, but then every once in a while i long for something really old, and so filled with character you just need to sit in it and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Casa Bramasole is that kind of place.

Perched atop the spectacular hills of Umbria, Italy this stunning villa arose from a pile of ruins, remodeled and turned into the luxurious but rustic Italian manor house. Casa Bramasole’s tall stone façades rise to a spectacular view of the Lago Trasinemo and the surrounding forest reservations.

Local craftsmen have complied with strict regulations to preserve the original character, including the massive staircase to the first floor, the original brickwork and exposed beams, arches and hand-made terracotta floor tiles.

Add inventive conveniences such as heated bathroom floors, outdoor lighting and a TV room, a stainless Boffi kitchen, Phillippe Starck-equipped bathrooms and bedrooms with fourposter beds, then top it all off with Scandinavian and Italian design classics and a spread of genuine Khelim rugs, and you might wish that your stay were forever.

Heated by solar panels, the pool digs into the mountainside and is barely visible from the terrace. Work on your tan in the generous sunbeds, take an outdoor shower, or dive in to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Trasimeno in the right element. Prepare your snacks in the pool-house kitchen and stock up on cool drinks in the fridge.

Wishing for that winning Powerball ticket and then planning a trip to Umbria to buy a villa.....

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Anonymous said...

It's not my style but I love what they did with it on the inside as well as that pool.

mistress maddie said...

You best hope I don't win the power ball, or I'll be beating you there!!! I LOVE this!!!! And all the open space. Of course , I have to add in a huge wine celler to complete that "vineyard" look!

Helen Lashbrook said...

This is my kind of house, but I'd have an infinity pool. And of course Hannibal defeated the Romans at the battle of Lake Trasimeno in 217 BC so lots of history into the bargain.