Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Musings

So, if you haven’t heard of Chiwetel Ejiofor — pronounced CHOO-ih-tell EDGE-ee-o-for — you soon will. He recently starred on Broadway in Kinky Boots and will most likely be nominated for, and win, an Oscar for 12 Years A Slave.

But, right now, he can be seen in the Starz showing of a BBC production, Dancing On The Edge, about a fictional jazz band — loosely based on Duke Ellington — in 1930s Great Britain.

The music is fabulous, the story is intriguing and, yes, you knew it, I was gonna go shallow.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is gorgeous; those eyes, that accent. Yum.

Over there to Russia anti-gay president Vladimir Putin is trying to assure everyone that The Gays are welcome in his country:
"We are doing everything, both the organizers and our athletes and fans, so that participants and guests feel comfortable in Sochi, regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation."
Just don’t be gay, though, because the Russian law banning 'gay propaganda' still stands.

I am a huge fan of White Collar, even long before Matt Bomer became the next big thing, and came out of the closet. But this season we have a new character on the show, played by the oh-so-delicious Warren Kole. He’s playing the role of Matt Bomer’s character Neil Caffrey’s “handler.”

Wow, If I could get a job handling either of these two I’d be over the moon.

I adore our cats and we have a standing rule in Casa Bob y Carlos:
1) Bob takes care of what goes into the cats and
B) Carlos takes care of what come out of the cats.

Except when Carlos isn’t home and MaxGoldberg leaves a massive hairball in the doorway to the bathroom, making me in charge of that particular HazMat spill.

I don’t necessarily like a hairless cat but I’d love a hairball-less one. Just sayin’.

Lordy lordy lordy, American Horror Story: Coven just gets better every week. I love that the writers and producers don’t tell just one story — witches and voodoo princesses — but talk about both of those things, and racism, and adultery, and, okay, bestiality — sex with a minotaur kinda counts doesn’t it? — and zombies.

Plus, after last week’s show which featured the brilliant Patti LuPone as a religious wingnut, last night we saw the return of Frances Conroy — Season One’s hot-young-old maid — as a member of the council investigating mysterious happenings at the school.

Plus, there was some Leslie Jordan tossed in there as a Quentin Crisp-esque gay witch.

Heaven; or at least a witchy equivalent.

We haven’t seen much of Renee Zellwigger lately — not that I’m complaining, I always thought she was over-rated — and now I think I know why.

Look at that picture: Renee in January on the left, and Rene last month on the right.

Someone looks like someone else. Nip.Tuck.

Halloween; the Great Gay holiday. Not so much for me — that Great Gay Holiday is The Oscars telecast, followed by The Tonys. But, folks like to dress up and so here’s some:

Martha Stewart as Glinda the Good Witch. Leave to Martha to play against type. And Ryan Seacrest, living in the late 80s. I mean how else do you explain why he’d dress as Michael Crawford from the original B’way production of Phantom. Gay. Gaygaygay.  And Adam Lambert as The genie; there’s a lamp that needs rubbing. Kelly Osbourne as a svelte Dame Edna and Fergie and Josh Duhamel as Elvira and RiffRaff — another 80s flashback … I guess there are no new ideas. Hugh Hefner and the Missus, Crystal Harris, as Robin Thicke and Mylie Cyrus — this is even creepier than the original. And last, and least, Derek Hough, spiked hair and guy-liner — I think this is less costume and more half-priced drink night at Boy Bar.

Still, speaking of Hough, let’s dish on his sister Julianne, and her Halloween “costume.” She decided to go as a character called Crazy Eyes from Orange Is The New Black and thought she’d use blackface.

Blackface. In 2013. Either she’s ignorant — and that’s a distinct possibility — or she’s stupid — another thought — or she knew that by going out in an offensive blackface moment she’d be going Mylie Cyrus on us and having everyone talk about her.

I mean, seriously, she didn’t think this was wrong on every level? And the person who applied the makeup didn’t think it was offensive? And her friends thought this was appropriate?

No, I think she knew it would cause a stir and get her name in the media and then she’d say sorry and we’d forgive.

I don’t. She’s offensive and stupid.

 “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now, Guy Fieri. The platinum-spiked-haired-not-gay-ALLEGEDLY Food Network host. Last night , after a flight back from San Francisco with his hairdresser, Ariel Ramirez, the two men got into a drunken brawl in the front seat of an SUV with the hairdresser shrieking at Guy, “You’re a f**king d**khead.”

Sometimes these things just write themselves.

Carry on.

Kanye West, fashion designer and “real” person.

A few years ago, Kanye teamed up with Louis Vuitton to design and sell sneakers that ranged in price from $840 to $1,140, Kanye has been known to drop a buttload of cash on his wardrobe, as every good gay with money is known to do.

But now Kanye is singing a different tune, because now he keeps shrieking about how expensive LV clothes and accessories cost; he says the prices are “too extreme” and as a result, he will no longer design for the company.

But he did design a plain white T for A.P.C that sells for $120.00.

Delusional say what?

Friday night is Grimm night at our house. We loves some Grimm and some David Giuntoli.
But, recently, the man who plays his captain, the actor Sasha Roiz, is piquing my interest. 


And now we have Dracula, starring the, for me at any rate, oozing-with-sex-appeal Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Vlad.

Bite me. Please.

Celine Dion has a new album out and she will be all over TV shrieking and squawking about it.
I broke my ear plugs out of mothballs.

Seriously, after Titanic all I thought of what t hat I didn’t want her heart to go on.

Just go away.


Anonymous said...

Oh, someone got an eye lift!

the dogs' mother said...

Okay, hairballs - luckily we missed that part of cathood whilst the Spontaneous Kittens were in residence.

anne marie in philly said...

adam glambert!

yeah, I have wondered about guy also; I read one of his books and...well...yeah.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I had so many comments to make, but then the tweet on Miley Cyrus had me laughing out loud and I forgot everything else.

Raybeard said...

I thought Mr Ejiofor was 'H-O-T-writ-large' when I first noticed him about 15 years ago - and then that wall-to-wall smile, HELP!!! Despite having collected numerous awards he's still only 36 so very likely with the best yet to come.

Incidentally, a few years back he played a gay Catholic priest as the main character in a radio production. So, at the very least, he's not afraid to tackle parts what some might regard as more 'challenging' roles and which some others might have had second thoughts about. Well I suppose 'Kinky Boots' alone confirms that.