Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Architecture Wednesday: The Carriage House

Don't get your hopes up.

This 1870s Italianate Victorian in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco is not the house we'll be seeing today. But this house, built on one of the largest city lots in Pacific heights is home to the home we'll be seeing: the addition of a carriage house--that's it, back there, through the openig on the right--built in 1920, that sat dilapidated and unused until the current owners purchased the home.

The entire carriage house was completely gutted and reinvented with a sleek, modern interior, while making much needed improvements to the historic exterior. It was repurposed as an extension of the family’s living room with a new high-end Bulthaup kitchen, the garden was renovated to be more welcoming and useful to the family. 

A gracious deck and staircase befitting of the historic nature of the house was built off of the main drawing room providing a much need link between house and garden. Rows of trees and strategic planting separate the parking area from the garden, which also serves as a sport court. Subtle score lines in the concrete and blue stone patterns define a basketball “key”, while also blending in with the overall diagonal concrete score pattern. An outdoor shower and hot tub complete the concept of garden oasis within the busy city.

Oasis, indeed.

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Anonymous said...

If I move in, I need to have dark walnut wood flooring on the main floor. Too monochrome white for my taste but otherwise it's perfect.

When can we move in?

Mitchell is Moving said...

Wow. I think I remember this house. What an amazing redo!