Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Funny Story

A while back we got a new boss at work and, as happened with the new guy, he wanted to implement a new policy. So he shared with us his ideas, and while some of us weren't keen on it, when it came down to a vote it was adopted and accepted.

But then some of us didn't like it and we decided to sue to make it all stop.

We lost; the plan was going ahead.

But then, a small group of us got together again and thought, "Hey, let's get all the employees together and vote on this new policy and get rid of it."

We did; and we lost that vote.

But, undeterred, and apparently unwilling to do anything else that our jobs required of us, we decided to vote again. And again. And again...again...again.

We voted 42 times and the results were always the same: the plan was in.

But then we hit on another solution. We would simply shut the business down until the boss, and those morons who liked the plan, got rid of it.

And then .... hmmm ... wait a second ... oh yeah ... that wasn't us, that's Congress, because if we had done that at our jobs we would have been fired.

Which makes me think ..... Vote.Em.Out.


Alieux (Daij) said...

I like this post a lot. What congress doesn't realize is that their constituents are suffering due to their hatred of anything thee pressident tries to implement.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I really cannot see how the Tea Party caucus can justify putting their preferences over the good of your country. Is it me or isn't that unpatriotic?

And I don't understand why there are so many people against Obamacare; surely it can only be a good thing?

The Huntress aka R.J. said...

The problem is that many of the Teahadists are tenured members of Congress. Their idiot constituents re-elect them every two years and often by wide margins.

Don't just blame the Congressperson. Blames the asshats who elected them, too.

the dogs' mother said...

One of the neighborhood tribe members, now in WA.DC, is amongst the furloughed. Hard on younger folks who have not been working long enough to have much of a savings account. Hopefully they will restore back pay (Congress could donate it out of their personal wealth...)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Brilliant! (Unlike those idiots who did this...)

Biki Honko said...

Great post!

I wonder if there is some presidential power that Mr. Obama could use to effect a end run around these stupid congressmen? National emergency perhaps? Its time for the president to start playing hardball, no more Mr. Nice Guy!

Sasuke Uciha said...
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Sasuke Uciha said...
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