Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Utah. It's The New Arizona

Utah. Utah. Utah. Does anyone out there have a lick of sense?

Apparently not, because Utah, after it's run against gay adoptions [Utah Effs Up Again] and the announcement by one of their politicians that he doesn't want gay people anywhere [LaVar Christensen Is An Asshat], the Land of Mormon is poised to be the first state in America to designate an official state gun.

Yes. A state gun.

The state senate, AKA the Band Of Fools, voted 20-7 to recommend the Browning M1911 pistol as its official state gun. The bill's chief sponsor, a Republican of course, who is no doubt funded, bought and paid for, by the NRA, one wingnut Carl Wimmer, actually says that he considers the Browning pistol "an instrument of freedom and democracy."

Gun. An instrument of freedom.

And fellow douchenozzle, and complete and utter moron, Chris Buttars, whose been known to spout some of the more illiterate statements ever put on record, echoed Wimmer's sentiment: "Weapons or guns especially are so demonized by certain elements of our society that I think this adds a real balance. Weapons in the right hands have probably preserved freedom time and time and time again."

Problem is, fucktard, that you and your ilk, and your NRA sponsors, aren't trying to see to it that guns get in the right hands, you want guns in any hand, and every hand. Effin' goosestepper.

But Wimmer goes further, reminding us that Utah-born John Moses Browning actually designed the pistol, which has been used in every war since WWI: "It is not only of historical value for the state of Utah, but it is of historical value for the United States of America. This firearm has literally saved countless lives, it has defended freedom and liberty across the globe and, as Utahans, we should be proud of that."

Don't you love how he says the gun saved thousands of lives, while completely ignoring the thousands of lives probably taken by that gun, and others?

Nice spin.

Speaking of nice spin, the Utah Senate added language to the bill to acknowledge that the Legislature does not condone acts of violence, and guns in the hands of the wrong people are dangerous.

Ooh, that'll help keep it out of the hands of wingnuts.


Wimmer stands by his bill, probably because he's being paid handsomely to do so, but admits the timing of the bill was brought into question after the mass shooting in Tucson: "You cannot equate the actions of a homicidal madman with the actions of the military, who have used this firearm to defend freedom and to defend our nation around the world. And that is what we're honoring."

And yet the fact remains that a homicidal maniac did, in fact, have easy access to guns and ammo, and, yet, Wimmer still wants to honor guns.

And the NRA.



froggy said...

While watching the Egyptians guard their neighborhoods with machetes, crowbars and knives I wondered about gun control and all the issues surrounding it.
If the army had not decided to side with the protesters the whole story would have turned out differently.
In that case, those with guns get to make the rules.

Not taking one side or the other but is my nature always to get stuck in sticky wickets.

I am grateful to Utah for taking the heat off of us for being the stupidest state as we try and have a state coffee announced.

Biki said...

Huh? I've never looked at guns as "saving lives". What wonderful spin. Surely we could figure out a way to make use of that yeah?