Monday, February 21, 2011

Mucinex Is Deadly

Well, it looks like another case of a Gay Panic Murder, only this time the murderer says Mucinex made him do it.
Michael Anderson

Nineteen-year-old Michael Anderson shared a home with thirty-six-year-old Stephen Starr, up in Hickory, North Carolina. Starr was gay, Anderson says he was straight. So, of course Starr came on to him, and, well, the only defense Anderson could muster was downing a handful of Mucinex and grabbing an ax.

In the 911 call, after the murder, Anderson claims he overdosed on cough medicine, causing him to kill him and mutilate Stephen Starr, saying, "I did some things to his body that you don’t want them to see. You’re not going to know who it is.”

Well, first he took the Mucinex, and then he grabbed a shotgun and a pistol, shooting Starr three times, and then he went after the body with an ax; he also carved a word into Starr’s body, as well as writing on him with a pen.

That darned cold medicine.

He told the 911 operator: “I Od’d on Mucinex DM. Dextromethorphan makes me feel a little weird and I took too many.”

So, he knows that the Mucinex makes him feel "weird" and yet he continues to take it. He also stated that he was straight, but had met Starr at a gay bar because he wanted to experiment: “I met him and went to his house and he took me in and I turned straight again. And he wanted to touch me and stuff and I wouldn’t let him, and he kept trying. And I waited until he went to sleep and then I shot him three times. And I mutilated him very badly and I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Oh God, please help me.”

Anderson talks about his panic at being touched by a gay man, but then becomes quite coherent when he gives directions to the house, going so far as to describe a green truck in the driveway, telling the operator it's a manual transmission. He ends the call with this: “There’s wood out there that I was chopping. I’m sorry ma’am, but the ax is inside his stomach.”

Gay panic. He killed his roommate. He knew Starr was gay; he went to a gay bar. But then he turned straight again and decided to reach for the Mucinex...............



R.J. said...

That's why I stick to DayQuil. Those pills can make you go cray-cray if you do too many of them.

In all seriousness, I hope this alleged killer goes away for a very, very long time.

JR said...

Someone had better give me a lot more then mucinex to make me believe the load of crap he tried shoveling on the police. Just tell me when and where and I would be happy to be on the jury that sends him away for life. What an asshat.

Anonymous said...

Thank god he didn't do any acid.