Friday, July 03, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Tammy Duckworth, Democratic Senator from Illinois, and possible VP candidate, on the Senate floor taking on _____ and his apparent lack of concern for military men and women murdered by Putin’s hired assassins:

"He's had time to call Joe Biden names, however not once in the past 72 hours has he found time to express outrage that American service members are dead."

Well, to be fair, he doesn’t wanna piss off his boss.
And he’s a coward and a murderer.
Rachel Maddow, MSNBC, hammering Murdering Racist In Chief, _____, about Putin putting bounties on American soldiers heads while he was napping through the winter:

“This is kind of sickening news. … Vladimir Putin is offering bounties for the scalps of American soldiers in Afghanistan. Not only offering, but some of the bounties that have been offered have been collected. Not only does the president know … there was that unexpected and friendly conversation he had with Putin. According to the Kremlin what they discussed on that call was how much Russia would like to be allowed back into the G7. President _____ then got off that call with Putin and immediately began calling for Russia to be allowed back into the G7. … That’s how ____ is standing up for Americans being killed for rubles paid by Putin’s government.”

Well, when you’re Putin’s bitch …
Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary, saying he hadn’t seen the video that _____ retweeted of the White Power senior citizens, moment, MOMENTS, after host Jake Tapper played it for him:

“I’ve not seen that video or that tweet, but obviously neither the president, his administration nor I would do anything to be supportive of white supremacy or anything that would support discrimination of any kind. I’ve been here getting ready to speak to you. I’ve not seen that, and so I don’t want to comment further on that. But obviously the president and I and his whole administration would stand against any acts of white supremacy.”

Let me say this, the GOP Cowards are so complicit with this racist murdering traitor, that when he is defeated and run from office, they’ll all band together and swear they never saw his presidency.
Vote all these fuckers from office so people like Azar are out of government.
Chris Hayes, MSNBC, laying into _____ over his failure to handle the COVID-19 outbreak:

“There is no country on Earth this far into this pandemic that has bungled it this badly. We need leadership and a leader to get us out of this. But we do not have that leader. We have Donald _____ … As coronavirus cases race back up, the president ignored warnings from his public health experts and that resulted in tens of thousands of preventable deaths. And we’re looking at tens of thousands more. Right now, we are seeing our chance as Americans to get back to some semblance of normalcy the way other countries have with work and school and even sports, we’re seeing it slip away because of Donald _____. We are suffering through the incompetence of a man who took a huge inheritance and squandered it on stupid glitzy investments and bankrupted his company six times because he was not up to the task. If this presidency had creditors, the virus’ resurgence this week would have been a default event. Only it is not his creditors who are suffering. It is us. It is the people who could have survived this virus. It’s friends and loved ones in nursing homes …. Donald _____ does not learn. He is not going to get good at this. He is not going to change. He has failed, definitively, and it is an urgent matter of public safety at this moment for the president, Donald _____, to resign.”

As of today, _____’s ineptitude has resulted in 130,000 dead Americans, and if that isn’t enough to vote him out of office ,don’t forget he’s a racist-hate-baiting pussy grabbing criminal motherfucker.
Dan Patrick, asshat Lt. Governor of Texas, attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci and his knowledge of COVID-19:

“Locking down doesn’t work! If it did, those two states [California and New York] would be doing better than Texas. Fauci said today that he’s concerned about states like Texas that skipped over certain things. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about! We haven’t skipped over anything. The only thing I’m skipping over is listening to him. … He has been wrong every time on every issue. I don’t need his advice anymore.”

Hey Dan, pull your head out of your ass and look at Europe and South Korea, countries that locked down at once and mandated masks. Their numbers are down and going down, and our number, and your in Texas are through the roof.
Plus, you also said old people should be happy to die of the virus if it meant saving the economy, so please forgive those of us who choose Fauci’s advice over that of a GOP Coward and _____-kissing fuckmonkey.
Spencer Brown, DJ and producer, coming out as gay:

“Imagine waking up daily with unshakable self-hate without knowing why. School starts in an hour; crippling anxiety keeps you under your sheets. You stumble into the bathroom and look in the mirror; you see a person you don’t understand. You drive to school; you drown your thoughts with the loudest music you own. You try to suppress your natural feelings and emotions; you tell yourself that love is an idiotic fairytale. This was my, and many others’, reality for over a decade, but I’ve learned that mornings don’t have to be that way. I am gay. It’s so much easier to say today than it was even a few years ago. While I have never publicly denied this part of me, I have also never spoken out about it. I will no longer live in fear.”

Nor should you, or anyone for that matter.
Welcome out Spencer, and please accept from HOMO HQ the Official Coming Out Toaster Oven™ and copy of the Gay Agenda.
Welcome out.


Mistress Maddie said...

Since Dan Patrick doesn't seem to care or have a heart, someone knock that old relic into a coffin!

I have really grown quite fond of Tammy Duckworth. I don't know about VP, but I do really like her.

Good on Maddow as usual.

I have my own conspiracy theory of trump. I would swear he was put up to be president because he's that dumb. I think Russia did fix the election to get him in, and then bought off just about every republican to look the other way, so their are no checks and balances. He was then told to dismantle as much of the US as possible, wreak havoc, create hate, and stir the hornet nest. Basically destroy America as we know it. Start disputes to take many servicemen over seas. Once we are in ruins and complete nuts and defenseless, Russia will swipe in and take over....and he'll disappear to a far off land. Crazy right?

Bob said...

I think there was a buttload of cash involved, too.

Deedles said...

I'm trying to keep a hold of my bizarrely good mood, so I'm just going to say, Spencer Brown certainly is cute! Give him the toaster oven that can handle really big bagels! Thanks Bobulah.

Treaders said...

Excellent commentary by Chris Hayes!

anne marie in philly said...


Helen Lashbrook said...

Even Trumpelstiltskin wannabe Bojo has not been as appallingly bad as the Trumposaur at dealing with the pandemic (although that is not for want of trying. as for der Trumpenfuhrer's ability to learn....that's just a joke; he hasn't learned anything since the day eh was born.

I agree with @MM about Putrid's interference in US politics, can I say I prefer your old pic.

the dogs' mother said...

(Spencer Brown)

take care, be safe xoxo :-)

Mistress Maddie said...

@ Helen Yes you many Helen. I was rather fond of it myself and was still feeling this one out. It was from one of my last professional drag pics a friend of mine did, and sort of sums up my mood lately, but I may go back to my boylesque pic! I felt that one more.

Dave R said...

Tammy's really great!!

Azar's an ass.

Chris nails it.

Dan Patrick? Don't give up your day job, you stand up routine is too fuckin' lame.

I've never had the crippling anxiety Spencer talks about, but he still gets the oven... or maybe he'd like a blender instead. I can see him juicing.

Travel said...

Leaders set an example, you know like wearing a face mask,