Monday, May 18, 2020

Don't African Americans have the right to the Second Amendment?

If you thought the Ahmaud Arbery murder was horrifying, the police murder of Breonna Taylor and the arrest of her licensed-gunowner boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, who “stood his ground” when the police barged into their apartment in the middle of the night, may be even worse.

Breonna and Kenneth were asleep when, just before 1AM on March 13, three plainclothes officers with the Louisville Metro Police Department arrived to execute a no-knock search warrant in a drug case. Hearing the noise, Breonna and Kenneth believed their apartment was being broken into; Walker, who has a license to carry and kept firearms in the home, called 911, grabbed a gun, entered the living room and began firing at the intruders, shooting an officer in the leg.

The officers began "blindly firing" more than 20 shots into the apartment. Breonna Taylor, a former EMT worker, was shot eight times and died. Walker was arrested and charged with assault and attempted murder on a police officer.

This all happened because  Louisville police officers, shown below, executed a no-knock search warrant on Taylor in a drug case involving a man who lived in a different part of the city … a different part of the city. Police claim that man was using Taylor’s apartment to receive mail, stash money or keep drugs, and claim that Taylor’s car was seen parked in front of a “drug house” connected to that man.

Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker had no criminal history or drug convictions, and no drugs were found in the apartment during the raid.

Better still, before the police busted into the Taylor-Walker home the very man they were looking for was already in custody.

And yet Breonna Taylor was murdered and Kenneth Walker was arrested in a ‘Stand Your Ground’ state … because they were sleeping while black?

Ask yourself what you would do, if you were sleeping in the middle of the night and heard someone trying to break into your home. If you had a gun would you use it? If you are white would the police just start shooting randomly into the house?

Or is that just Black Americans?


anne marie in philly said...


the dogs' mother said...

Very, very sad.
take care,
xoxo :-)

Helen Lashbrook said...

Stand your ground is obscene to start with and mixed with contempt for BAME men and women is far beyond obscene. These officers should be sent to prison for life

Sooo-this-is-me said...

I have watched many interviews with rabid gun owners, they say that minorities are not trust worthy so they shouldn't have the right to own a gun. I guess it only applies to white people, especially evangelical white people.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Just so much wrong with this story. And Stand Your Ground is disturbing.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

The simple answer is, yes, it’s only Black Americans.
You have seen white men storm a state’s Capitol armed to the teeth without any repercussion. Or go in a Starbucks with an automatic rifle like it’s nothing,
The Police Is a racist entity. There’s no way around it. Bet those officers are on paid leave.


Mistress Maddie said...

When I heard about this story last took the cake more than any other yet! And it was a complete mistake yet with no apologies given. Especially since we should be praising Breonna Taylor since she was healthcare worker. Instead she was shot I heard at least eight times, because they were basically in the wrong house.

Shameful and deeply disturbing.

And yet another reason I hope the pandemic take more fucking idiots. The time as come to unleash it's full fury and break this continuous wheel of vileness.

RB said...

This situation is really sad. The woman lost her life. If I had a gun (which I don't) of course I'd grab it if I heard people breaking into my house.

Treaders said...

What Sixpence said upthread. Oh my goodness, that story is just so appalling.

Professor Chaos said...

Rev Wright was correct. God Damn America!

Dave R said...

Dumb fucks. Their ambition to nab a black druggie just killed their careers, and set them up for lawsuits from here to hell and back.

Ed said...

And all that your ilk will ever do is cry "racism" and vote for those who can't come up with a better solution than to have you policed.

Bob said...

What's your plan?

Unknown said...

Collateral damage in the War against Minorities... er Drugs. Question: is it Standard Operating Procedure in Louisville to issue no knock warrants in cases involving White opioid users? No?