Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: A Simple Italian Country House

This house in Brenna, Italy, in the Province of Como, is the picture of serenity, surrounded by trees and green. It’s a modern take on an age-old country house, neither very large, not very small; it’s just right.

The interior is quite simple, with the use of wooden slats as room dividers and to define the staircase, but it’s the light that is so soothing. First, all the light in the glass pavilion on the back; that’s the room where I’d spend all my time, even in winter, given the fireplace. But the light floods the house from above, too, with the addition of skylights in nearly every room upstairs, where the soaring wooden ceilings give added charm and reinforce that idea of an old country home.

It’s now a ‘Wow’ house, but it’s certainly a ‘wow’ house.



mistress maddie said...

I can appreciate the use of space and the natural light, but a bit two modern and tight for me. The out side has clean lines, but doesn't feel finished to me. Love the location it's in though.

the dogs' mother said...

Feels a little dangerous to me. Sitting under the
stairs and that large round thing in the bedroom -
mirror or magnifying glass.
But always appreciate touring houses with you! xoxoxoo

Toni said...

Nice in a sterile, OCD kinda way. Too many straight lines for me. I like soft curves, meandering lines, and a house that doesn't look like someone built on to it in two different eras!

Thanks for the peek!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Interesting. And beautiful setting. But this one doesn’t do a thing for me.