Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Architecture Wednesday: Surprising Seclusion

This home, dubbed Surprising Seclusion, is located in busy Singapore, with both the front and rear facing busy roads, and sitting right alongside an old house. So, the architect created the home to “look inward.” It’s a triple story home, covered, but with a ventilated courtyard and indoor pool that are the focus of the main floor.

Along one side, a sculptural staircase cantilevers from the wall to reach the family room on the second level. The staircase then continues, with a stepped planter on the side and lit from skylights above, to the private floor.

The entire house is finished in concrete with no shape and gray-faced brick; the bathrooms continue the theme, with brick openings that allow ventilation but not views, along with planting areas that offer a green contrast to the gray scheme.

It seems kind of dark, and kind of monolithic, but with the views on the inside would you really miss the views out?

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Deedles said...

I like this one!

the dogs' mother said...

Loves all the plants :-)

Mitchell is Moving said...

Exceptional design. I do love this but I'm afraid it would make me feel claustrophobic before long.