Monday, August 27, 2018

Hey Arizona? Take Note, Kelli Ward Is A Heartless B*tch

Kelli Ward is running for Jeff Flake’s soon-to-be-vacant senate seat in Arizona; she is a rabid, boot-licking, ass-kissing, goose-stepping _____ supporter so it is no surprise that she feels that John McCain’s statement last Friday that he was ending treatment for brain cancer was done solely to hurt campaign.

John McCain died Saturday hours after her remarks.

Her comment was made under a Facebook post by one of her campaign staffers, who questioned if it was "just a coincidence" that the McCain family released the statement the same day that Ward was kicking off her campaign bus tour, "or if it was a plan to take media attention off her campaign?" And Kelli Ward responded:
"I think they wanted to have a particular narrative that they hope is negative to me."
Seriously; this tool thinks John McCain decided to end his treatments and die with dignity just to cast a negative light on her campaign? Oh, honey, all the negativity is coming from you and your hateful heart.

Ward's campaign spokesman, Zachery Henry, is not taking calls to explain her words, but, although it’s far too late, her comment has been deleted from the page except for this screen shot:

And when that story broke, Kelli Ward took to Facebook to try to lie her way out of being a heartless bitch:
"The media loves a narrative. I’ve said again and again to pray for Senator McCain & his family. These decisions are terrible to have to make. I feel compassion for him and his family as they go through this. It’s not the McCain’s creating a narrative—it’s the media making something out of nothing. The media, the left, and the Establishment have the agenda. They’ve been attacking me over fake stories for a year on this issue. I ran against Mr. McCain. I don’t agree with his voting record and rhetoric. I pray for him as a man who is suffering."
Yup, it’s fake news, she says, except for the proof that she said it.

Arizona? Do you really want _____ in a dress representing you?


Helen Lashbrook said...

I find it beyond belief that anyone would say this about a dying man, a brave dying man whose honour is beyond question. A brave honourable man who makes the rest of his party look like a crowd of right wing deplorable making good to Putrid. John McCain was a decent man and this woman needs to pull herself out of the race...not that she will of course, self centred b***h.

the dogs' mother said...

________'s Deplorables are spreading.

Linda deV said...

Heartbreaking that people are throwing away their humanity, dignity and compassion in the name of what....politics, power??? Who the hell knows but having a narcissistic, self absorbed, oversized child in the White House has empowered that NARRATIVE and its empty-souled minions.

anne marie in philly said...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Another narcissist who thinks the world revolved around her!

Dave R said...

What else did expect from her, she's an aging, fat, white woman who's desperately trying to ignore the changing demographics of Arizona.

Mitchell is Moving said...

It never ends. Do you suppose McCain died simply to distract from her campaign?

The Cool Cookie said...

Here we are, the morning after the primary, and Kelli Ward has lost the primary. And what does she do, now? She goes back to being a medical doctor. That's right. This bitch is a doctor, an M.D. she provides healthcare to people. And she was a total cunt about McCain's decision to end treatment. Physician, heal thyself.