Monday, February 24, 2020

PR 18 Ep 11: Let The Games Begin

After a brief moment at the penthouse, where Victoria gets several dozen flowers from her husband for her birthday, we are mercifully taken to the runway for this week’s challenge.

Karlie introduces the designtestants to six women who are 2020 Summer Olympians:  rugby player Naya Tapper, track and marathoner Tatyana McFadden, freestyle wrestler Helen Maroulis, indoor volleyball player Foluke Akinradewo Gunderson, shotgun shooter Kim Rhode, and sprinter/long jumper Scout Bassett. Since the athletes have unique bodies specialized to their sports, the designtestants will make custom victory dresses for their client.

The Button Bag comes out and the designtestants are matched up with a client: Geoffrey gets Naya, Nancy gets Tatyana, Victoria gets Helen, Sergio gets Foluke, Brittany gets Kim, and Marquise gets Scout.

Sounds fun, but, yikes, it’s another one-day challenge, though they have $400 for Mood.

Let’s rip …
Kim Rhode, shooter
Kim wants black. Brittany likes prints and color. But she claims she can adapt, though I’m not sure we’ve ever seen her do that. Kim wants ‘the girls’ out, so there will be a deep plunge at the neckline, but she also has very defined tan lines on her arms from shooting, so she wants those covered up in some kind of strap or sleeve.

Christian likes that Brittany is working in dark colors, which aren’t in her comfort zone, but wants her to “push it” more into her aesthetic.

And yet Kim seems to like the look, though that’s not the highest praise, so maybe a push wouldn’t be the thing to do for a woman who knows how to shoot a gun? Plus, there’s a whole lot of cleavage tumbling out of this dress, so, yeah, even I’m worried.

Mine’s the most formal, but it’s exactly what Kim wanted, and it looks like me.

It’s nice, it’s safe, it’s basic; it’s a lot of boobs. It looks nothing like minimal high-low strappy Brittany.

The judges critique the looks with the client onstage first: Elaine says Kim looks like “a bag of money,” while Karlie questions the plunging neckline—even though Kim wanted it.

After the client leaves, the knives come out: Nina calls it a “smart fabric,” but a “very cliché dress”—a “Little Black Dress” that they’ve seen before—and wished Brittany had put her creative stamp on it. Guest judge, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn also wished Brittany had pushed Kim out of her comfort zone a little. Brandon thought the dress could be worn by any woman, which in this challenge, is not a compliment.

Naya Tapper, rugby
Geoffrey bonds with Naya about rugby, though he doesn’t really know what it is: is it played with a net? Um, no, it’s not.

He is also one of three designers opting for a red dress; a party dress for Naya’s night out celebrating with girlfriends. He makes a mini miniskirt with a long slit and strappy shoulders, and Christian is worried about that.

“It’ll be something,” they both say, though they mean different things. But Christian is also worried that the waistline is too high, and the bust line is too low, and the hips are doing something tragic.

Geoffrey recuts the entire look in about a minute. And then disaster strikes: someone … :::cough::: Nancy :::cough::: … melted black double-stick tape on the iron and it ended up on his dress, and we all know the judges will spot it right off.

And Christian is still worried about the hips, so at the very last moment, with everyone headed to the runway, Geoffrey opts to solve that problem. It’s played to look like he won’t make it, but then we see him outside smoking, so it was all for drama.

She is nailing it …she looks so happy.

I like it though that slit is dangerously close to the fine china, and the fit of the top seems baggy.

With Naya present, Brandon says she looks “expensive,” though he also notes the stain. Lindsey calls her “confident” and “glowing” and says she “looks incredible.”

With Naya gone, Elaine isn’t going to take points off for the stain but called it “loose around the chest area.” Elaine was “offended” the “tacky” and “stiff” and “rigid” and “shiny” fabric, but Karlie thought Geoffrey made the only victorious party dress for a woman in her 20s going out to a club. Nina worried that when Naya moved you could almost see an “accident.” Brandon thought it was cool and chic.

Foluke Akinradewo Gunderson, indoor volleyball
Foluke is pregnant, and Sergio has never made a maternity dress before because his dresses are too expensive for them to want to invest in with their bodies changing, so Mister Political won’t do maternity. Gimme a break.

Christian doesn’t think Sergio’s design is very “exciting” and Sergio thinks Christian doesn’t understand because he wasn’t in the client consultation. These two are so uncomfortable together because Sergio doesn’t think he needs Christian’s critiques; and yet maybe another set of eyes could have spared us those sleeves?

Still, Foluke seems happy with what Sergio is designing, and that’s kind of all that matters. Kind of … until Sergio opens his yap again:
“My design is so good that she’s already won the gold.”
Cue smackdown; literal and figurative.

I love what I’ve done … from the color to the silhouette, it makes me stand out.

It’s an A-line, T-shirt gown with a cutout in back.

With Foluke onstage, Elaine loved that it wasn’t traditional maternity wear. Nina thinks Sergio celebrated her pregnancy while still making it feminine and sexy. Lindsey thought Foluke looked confident while Brandon called the color a hard choice but said Foluke looked “gorgeous.”

With Foluke gone, Karlie thought it was “beautiful” and “stunning,” but said it was a day dress and not a gown. Elaine wanted the baby bump showcased more and when Sergio clutched his pearls and said he would never make a pregnant woman wear something tight, Elaine gave him the Welteroth Head Tilt Eye Roll™ which spoke volumes. Brandon thought the chiffon on the bottom was “beautiful” but felt the sleeves and the darts were off.

Scout Bassett, sprinter/long jump
Scout is tiny, and clearly has a hard time finding adult looks to wear; she also has a prosthetic leg and really wants to show it off, and Marquise shows her a sketch with a very long slit.


Marquise also goes for red at Mood, but Scout is from China and wants the red to represent China and America. He also accommodates her with her prosthetic leg because heels are tough to maneuver in, and creates a look she can wear with gold sneakers.

Christian thinks “there’s something there” with Marquise’s braiding effect for the straps, but says it’s missing a “cool” factor and doesn’t seem very Marquise. It feels a little “bridesmaid’s” to Christian—which is a death knell on the PR—but Marquise, and Scout, love it, so …

I feel honored to make a dress for Scout.

I like that she rocks the leg, but other than that, it seems kinda basic.

With Scout onstage, explaining that often times disabled people feel a need to hide their disability, Elaine says the community sees Scout. Nina thinks Scout looks “amazing” and that the dress is “perfect for her petite figure.”

With Scout gone, Karlie loved the reveal of her prosthetic leg, but felt the bodice was “more sheer than it needed to be.” Lindsey thought the design looked very young in spite of the slit and wished Marquise had gone more “sophisticated.” Nina, who has liked that Marquise makes an outfit for himself that pairs with his model, wished he’d spent more time on Scout’s look, and not made his own—very cool—shirt.

Helen Maroulis, freestyle wrestling
Apparently, it’s Victoria’s birthday and she has gotten dozens of roses from her hubby, and Brittany’s Green-Eyed Monster says:
“Look, it’s a rose for every time she’s been on the top.”
To be fair, Victoria has hovered at or near the bottom lately. And then, maybe since it’s her birthday, or just plain dumb luck, Victoria gets Helen, who wants a high-low, asymmetrical red dress with cutouts and straps. Brittany doesn’t fail to notice this either.

So, Victoria makes a “Victoria dress” in red for Helen, who loves it so much she says:
"I'll wear this with pins in it!"
One sticking point is that Victoria doesn’t like dresses without sleeves and Helen wants no sleeves. Christian pushes her to leave the sleeves off but is worried about the length of the salsa dress.

Helen looks very confident and happy .I gave her what she wanted.

It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s salsa, but that flap hanging down just seems odd to me.

With Helen onstage: Nina loves Helen’s salsa, and says fashion can be transformative and feminine and athletic.

With Helen gone, Nina sees “Victoria’s DNA” in the look. Brandon didn’t mind the length but hated the fabric. Elaine noted that Victoria was the only designer whose aesthetic came through but let’s be fair, it was the fact that Helen wanted exactly what Victoria always makes. Lindsey loved the dress and how it accentuated the model’s personality.

Tatyana McFadden, track and field
At first, I felt Nancy had the most difficult challenge because Tatyana uses a wheelchair, but Nancy was totally up for it. Tatyana says she has trouble finding clothes because of her broad, muscular frame … and her wheelchair … and admits she’s a “little extra,” so she wants a train.

Nancy loves the idea of a train, and of creating an adaptable design that Tatyana can get in and out of herself. The biggest challenge is the train; will it get caught under the wheelchair? Will it move right? Luckily Nancy takes the time to test out the idea and figures out that shorter and narrower works best.

Nancy ends up making five pieces … blouse, corset, train, skirt, and a second skirt beneath the tulle of the first. It’s a lot but she really wants to give her client what she wants.

Once again, Christian is worried about how much time Nancy is going to need to finish her look; but that’s the usual critique with Nancy who works at her own pace and in her own way.

I’m just thrilled beyond words.

I love the train, and the skirt, but the detail around the top and across the arms seems overworked.

With Tatyana present: Karlie called it “gorgeous,” and said no one noticed the chair; she also notes that if she had that body, she’d never put a shirt on. Brandon is wowed by the reveal of the second skirt, and Nina loves the “fashion,” “function” and “fantasy.” Lindsey calls it “stunning look.”

With Tatyana gone, Elaine thought the color was “a little uninteresting,” though Nina thought it “the right color.” She also loved that Nancy went the extra mile and thought about Tatyana getting in and out of the dress. Karlie did think the trim was a little “heavy” and more texture than necessary.  Brandon said Nancy did a great job of accommodating her client.
It looks like Nancy might finally get her win. Lindsey’s top two were Nancy and Victoria, while Elaine gave it to Victoria. Nina was especially impressed with Nancy and how she “thought about everything” and Brandon admired that Nancy always cares about the person she’s dressing.

Nancy gets her win.

As for the Bottom, Lindsey thought they all did well, but if anyone was to go it should be Marquise; bitch! Nina also thought his was too simple; et tu, Nina? Karlie thought Sergio had a pretty standard silhouette … ooh, wouldn’t it be wild if Sergio went home?

It would have been, but, because they had all pleased their clients, no one … no one … is going home.
Every week, when we watch the show, as Karlie wishes the designers ‘good luck’ in the challenge, Carlos says:
“Don’t fuck it up.”
And I remind him that is RuPaul’s line. But then this week Karlie Kloss uttered those very  words and Carlos was nowhere around to hear them. Luckily, I recorded it for him. Now, if she’d just say:
“Bring back my girls.”
Carlos would be over the Moon.

Geoffrey, on how he isn’t into sports but has muscles:
“My muscles are more for visual sport … They’re for physical sports too, but just not Olympic sport.”
Hot to trot, eh, Geoffrey?

Geoffrey, during a conversation with Victoria about the word ‘word,’ which she mistakes as ‘weird’:
“She’s funny, she’s mean, she’s everything you could want in a girl.”
He may be onto something there.

Victoria, when the judges decide to keep them all:
“What competition is this where nobody goes home?”
Consider yourself lucky girl, because you tried to quit once and should have been sent home at least twice.

Sergio’s arrogance reveals it’s ugly mug again, as he says Brittany doesn’t has “as much of a technical background” as he does, but he’ll always help because he wants to win for his talent and not because someone, or anyone, or all of them, is not as talented as he.

After the ruling, and everyone stays, Geoffrey panics he thinks two people will go next week. He probably right.

At The Tents: Victoria, Brittany, Sergio and …MarquiseNancyGeoffrey. I haven’t quite figured the fourth spot.

Next week: the avant-garde challenge inspired by the Vessel in New York City. It could get ugly, or it could be amazing.

What did YOU think?


Deedles said...

What do I think? Still not watching, but I think that Nancy looks like the office manager/receptionist at my periodontist's. That's neither here nor there. I like Brittany's dress though Nancy's is nice too. They all look rather, meh. I felt really bad when I saw Tatyana's picture and thought, wow how advanced to have a man in a gown. I feel like an ignoramus Wendy Williams (that's redundant isn't it). So I kept going back and I realize, Tatyana is strong and beautiful and it is also time for me to shave my beard and mustache.

Gene Perry said...

Sorry, but Miss Moldivia really should have gone home long ago. And Miss-Thing Sergio's attitude ... just tired of it.

the dogs' mother said...

Glad for the athletes
that no-one went home.
Real clothes for amazing
real people.
And I think 2 people going
home next time is probably
what is going to happen.
xoxo :-)

ckcoyote said...

It will either be 2 going home or they sen 1 home and pull the old bottom two do a mini show to compete for the last spot.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Sergio and Victoria. When you know you're not sorry to see either go...
The winning dress was cool, but I agree with you.
And Geoffrey, I could find ways to make you work those muscles, dear.


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