Sunday, February 23, 2020

Hw;efr Qassbrkyu,n Ymsl

Yes, it happened.

Carlos gave his cold.

I'm delirious. He doesn't even know I'm on the computer.

I OD'd on a lethal combination of Nyquil and Bick Boppa Rue last night and dreamed I was playing beach volleyball on a sandy hillside inside a yacht, owned by Sharon Osbourne, that was cruising the Puget Sound toward the Pacific ... thankfully she wasn't seen in the dream.

Pray for me ...


VRC-Do You! said...

Oh my God!! Who will run the household? Who will take care of Carlos?

I love it!!

Another good story about Carlos is coming. I can feel it.

Fell better.


anne marie in philly said...

oh murgatroyd, who will feed the furkids? who will drive carlos to work tomorrow? who will nurse you back to health?

the dogs' mother said...

Get better SOON!
Hangeth in there.
Lots of xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

Oh my poor widdle Bobulah! Sending forehead kisses your way.

Sheila Morris said...

Oh no, Bob. Not to be a downer or anything like that, but I was sick with a cold for a week, turned into a sinus infection/pneumonia. Then I finally called my doctor who gave me antibiotics that immediately made me feel human again.
My advice is don't wait as long as I did to enlist the aid of a physician.
Feel better, my friend.
Poor Carlos. Poor you.

Treaders said...

Oh dear, stay warm and let Carlos wait on you hand and foot!

Dave R said...

Oh my! Puget Sound is so damn lovely!

Jennifer said...

Go see your doctor, or go to Urgent Care. You know, don't you, that flu is rampant here in SC? Also, here in Florence strep infections are completely out of control! I don't say this to alarm you, only to save you discomfort. Best to catch stuff early, as I'm sure you're aware.

Feel better soon!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm sure Carlos will nurse you with devotion.

Professor Chaos said...

Yikes! You need tons of fluids and bed rest. Get well soon.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Wow and I thought my dreams were weird!

Moving with Mitchell said...

As Carlos might say, “Oh, you’ll be fine.” Get well soon! Taking NyQuil for me is like getting injected with caffeine. Who knew?!? Apparently it’s one of those rare side effects.

Travel said...

Get well soon, and keep telling us about the dreams, say hi to Ozzie!

Ur-spo said...

no fun being ill. I too wish you good health ASAP.

Mistress Maddie said...

I hate to tell you, that was no dream dear...I was there too!!!!

Feel better lambchop.đź’‹đź’‹đź’‹

Bob said...

Let's be honest, the cats run the house!

Carlos is on disability because of his eyesight, so any work he gets he does from home; and he's feeling better so he can feed the cats and I made us a ginormous pot of sopa de albondigas to last a couple of days!

Hopefully it goes by quickly.

I thought I felt something on my forehead!

It seems to be subsiding now; it was maybe a 3 day event!

I spent two days toasty in bed surrounded by cats and drinking tea. IfI wasn't sick, I would love this!

It was gorgeous, and the volleyball wasfun.

'It seems to be moving on now, so i'm feeling better-ish.

Carlos? Nurse? i'm not seeing it. =)

I'm on it thank you sir!

It's the Nyquil, I tell ya, does it to me every time.

Yes, he's been telling me I'll be fine since the minute I didn't feel fine. And the Nyquil knocks me out!

Thanks. I don't think Ozzy was in the dream/ I didn't see Sharon, but I just seemed to know it was her yacht. Go figure!

I am not a good sickie,m so a speedy recovery is in order.

That was you??!???! I should'a known!