Thursday, February 27, 2020


Carlos got a cold, and I kept myself from saying ‘I won’t get it’ because I knew Karma would get me. So, I kept saying to myself, for four days, ‘I am not getting that cold.’ And it worked.

But then Friday night, as I drifted off to sleep, I said to myself, ‘I hope I don’t get it.’ And Saturday morning it was there. And Sunday it was there. And Monday it was there, and I phoned my boss to say I wouldn’t be in that day. Carlos seemed shocked, and as I predicted, he said to me:
“It’s not that bad.”
I sniffled, snorted and phlegm’d something like:
“I don’t want to spread it around at work.”
And again, he said:
“It’s not that bad. It’s no big deal.”
Says the man who had been sick and sniffling and snorting and phlegm-ing and wrapping himself in blankets and drinking hot tea and coughing and wheezing for seven days.

And yet me,  48 hours in, I’m making too much of it?

Wait until I feel better, honey.
Co-worker: Hey Bob, how many cats do you have?

Me: Three. The Great Tuxedo, MaxGoldberg, and Consuelo Roca-Jones.

Coworker: Did you adopt them all?

Me: No, they’re all my biological cats.

Kentucky Governor, and Democrat, because, of course, Andy Beshear became the state’s first sitting governor to attend a rally staged by the Fairness Campaign where he spoke against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and supported a ban on conversion therapy for LGBTQ youth:
“Diversity and inclusion, they aren’t buzz words. They are values. And they are keys to making Kentucky stronger. Kentucky cannot reach its full potential if all of our people don’t feel supported to be themselves.”

And good on Andy, who is totes adorbs.
While David Glosser was not invited to his nephew Stephen Miller’s white supremacy wedding to fellow _____ goon Katie Waldman at impeached president’s D.C. hotel last week, he did send a gift; and it was  personalized for Nazi Stephen Miller to boot.

In the name of Miller and his new bride, Glosser donated to HIAS, a Jewish-American group that has long done important and lifesaving work advocating for refugees. Glosser wrote on Facebook:
“[HIAS] helped to rescue my family from Czarist oppression in the Russian Empire in 1906. Had our refugee forebears not been helped to emigrate to the USA, they and their children would have been murdered by the racial madness of Nazism.”
Miller has used his role as a White House Supremacist Advisor to turn his personal views into official United States policy, which has resulted in the Muslim ban, the repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the family separation policy resulting in the state-sanctioned kidnapping of thousands of children, and the obliteration of the nation’s asylum and refugee programs, just to name some devastating examples.

I like the gift, though a Nazi like Miller and his wife, Eva, er Katie, didn’t.
And now, in sports … hang with me, it’s about dick, although not a fun dick story.

It’s painful; a French football—or soccer to some—player was suspended for biting his opponent’s penis during a game between SC Terville and AS Soetrich. Apparently two players began fighting and a third player jumped in to break it up.

And, since no good deed goes unpunished, one of the players in the fight bit down on his dick. The victim, who has not been named, went to the ER, where he got a dozen stitches and a doctor’s note saying he can’t go to work for four days.

Four days for a dick bite? And to add insult to teeth marks in the penis, the biter, also not named, was suspended from soccer for five years.

Five years? That must’a been some dick bite.
The State newspaper of South Carolina endorsed … Pete Buttigieg for President this week:
“The Democratic Party’s presidential nominee will face a formidable general election opponent in Republican President Donald _____, an incumbent armed with a strong economic record and a force of personality that has spawned a fiercely loyal base of supporters.
It is vital, then, for the Democrats to nominate an energetic, disciplined candidate who can offer voters a powerful yet pragmatic vision of a better America. The Democrats need a nominee who seeks to bring Americans together based on broad common ground — and not divide them along narrow interests.
Among the Democratic presidential candidates, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the best person to meet these challenges. On Saturday, the voters of South Carolina should choose Buttigieg in the state’s Democratic presidential primary.”
We’re going to hear Pete speak on Friday and will be voting for him on Saturday.
Andrea Casalino. He’s an Italian model and actor and personal trainer. And he’s making the temperature—well, at least my temperature—rise in Smallville today.

Briefly sexy. Sexy pecs. Facial hair sexy.



Mistress Maddie said...

Now you know trump will not put anyone qualified on it. There background will probably be transportation.

Yay on Pete!!!! Still in his corner.

Glad your back to feeling good. But I almost forget what i was going to say....because of Andrea.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Yeah this time I'm not on Carlos's side, he's in for it. Funny joke about adopting the cats.
I'm not so inclined to laugh at the poor guy being sexually assaulted for trying to break up a fight. He could be injured for life. That player should have been suspended for life.

the dogs' mother said...

(Carlos) and (Bob) for your
So biological cats, eh? chortle!
xoxo :-)

Deedles said...

Biological cats? The births must've been a pain in the ass! Carlos has temporarily fallen off of his pedestal. He'll be back, though.
That tweet (twat?) is hilarious.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

David Glosser sent the PERFECT wedding gift! And biological cats? LOL! Feel better soon, Bob.

anne marie in philly said...

carlos, better watch your back when your husband feels better...(just sayin')...

"biological cats" - bwhahahahahahahahaha!

Andy Beshear - yummy hunka manmeat!

nazi miller - FUCK YOU!

istanka...a need to have a brain to be a scientist...and she has NO BRAIN...

Treaders said...

Well done David Glosser!

Dave R said...

My cold symptoms are usually not very severe, in fact, I usually only know I've had one because I get a cold sore.

Andy Beshear is great.

Miller even looks like a Nazi.

And he put someone even worse than Ivanka in charge of his administrations Coronavirus policy... Mike Pence, who, even as I type, in on his knees trying to pray away the virus.

Bob said...

He picked Pence who believes cigarette smoking doesn't cause cancer. Asshats, the both of 'em!
Andrea did make me feel better, and, yes, Carlos helped, too!

Carlos is still trying to dig out of the hole he threw himself into.

We are both feeling much better, and I will always love the look on my co-worker's face.

I feel like they're my biological cats.
The Tweet about that twat was fun!

I love that he sent that gift!

Andy is quite a looker, eh? And an LGBTQ+ ally!

That story still makes me smile.

I laugh at Carlos because his cold was a nine day affair, and mine was three, and ... wait, maybe he's right;maybe it isn't that bad?

Helen Lashbrook said...

The new acting DNI director looks like a Miller clone - perhaps there are more of them locked up in a cupboard somewhere and the Fatso-in-Chief will drag them out as needed?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ohh get better soon!
I also got a cold and I've been trying not to bitch about it.
That last tweet describes this Kakistocracy soooo well! You know they put Mike HIV epidemic Pence in charge, right? Idiots!
And wherever there's a Dem in position of power in politics you'll most probably see good things. How cannot people see this?


Travel said...

Ouch- and only four days off!

The idiot put Pence in charge, we don't need a faith healer, we need scientists and physicians.

Moving with Mitchell said...

The adopted cats... You are such a smart ass! (And had us both laughing out loud this morning. As bad a patient as SG is, he’s that obsessive as a nurse. So far the only time he and Carlos aren’t in sync.

Bob said...

I can only imagine what they have hiding in the WH cupboards!

YOU get well, and g'head and bitch;it helps!

But Pence did so well with HIV in Indi--yeah,even i can't say that.

I am a smartass, and love it.
Yes, as good as Carlos is, his Nurse Ratched could use some work.