Thursday, February 20, 2020


Carlos is sick. I think it’s the Moron-a-virus. I kid; or do I?

See, when Carlos gets sick, no one has ever been as sick, and he hopes and hopes and prays that I “don’t get this because it’s really bad.” And then, if I do get it, and I complain about it, he says, “It’s not that bad.”

I will give him credit because he’s moved to the guest room while he’s hacking and sniffling and sneezing—so I don’t “get it”—and I’m enjoying the luxury of king-sized sleeping. But then he’s also upset because none of the cats sleep with him. Um, they want the king-sized luxury, too, you know.

This morning, as he moaned in that scratchy deep voice that would be so sexy if it weren’t for the phlegm and the coughing fits, I told him he should pray that he gets well quickly, and he said:
“God can suck my dick.”
Someone won’t be getting better any time soon, I think.
After leaders of the Nevada Culinary Workers Union alleged online bullying by Bernie Sander’s  supporters over the union’s disagreement with his health care plan, Bernie said this:
“Harassment of all forms is unacceptable to me, and we urge supporters of all campaigns not to engage in bullying or ugly personal attacks. Our campaign is building a multi-generational, multi-racial movement of love, compassion, and justice. We can certainly disagree on issues, but we must do it in a respectful manner.”
See what he does there? He accepts zero responsibility for his rabid supporters.

Hey Bernie? Tell’ em to knock it the fuck off because otherwise, you look like you condone it. And you don’t, do you?
Brad Parscale, _____’s campaign manager, Tweeted, and then deleted, a photo of Air Force One at the Daytona 500 with the caption:
“@realDonaldTrump won the #Daytona500 before the race even started.”
Twitterers took about a nanosecond to point out that the photo was from President George W. Bush’s visit to the NASCAR race in 2004.

Here’s the deal—and one or both of these things could be true—wither the _____ campaign is run by a gaggle of lying stupid asshats, or the _____campaign thinks its supporters are stupid enough to believe whatever they say.
Cardinal Valasio De Paolis—the Vatican official appointed by the pope to lead the Legion of Christ, a disgraced religious order and to clean up its history of child rape—has been called out Yolanda Martínez, whose son had been asexually assaulted by a Legion of Christ priest to report the settlement offer the church came up with to compensate her son for his rape.

Cardinal De Paolis had offered the Martínez’ family about $16,000, but only if her son would recant his testimony that the priest had repeatedly raped him when he was a 12-year-old student at the order’s youth seminary.

He gets the money for being raped if he says he lied about being raped.

The Catholic Church.
In great LGBTQ+ ally news, two of my favorite actors, Ruth Wilson and Matt 'My Husband In My head' Bomer, are set to star in the film The Book of Ruth, based on the life of Ruth Coker Burks—center—the self-described “straight church lady” who provided end-of-life care, and oftentimes funerals, to nearly 1,000 gay men with AIDS whose families had abandoned them.

You can read her story HERE
Several #GOPCoward lawmakers expressed concern over _____’s comments on the sentencing of longtime ally Roger Stone.

Really? What they say to their Glorious Leader?

Miss Lindsey: “I don’t think he should be commenting on cases in the system. I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

Susan Collins: “The president should not have gotten involved.”

My favorite is Senator Lisa Murkowski, the #GOPCoward from Alaska who was asked if she believed _____ learned any lessons from his impeachment: “Well, there haven’t been very strong indicators this week that he has.”

And yet they still kiss his ring, though in the case of Miss Lindsey, it’s the ass he’s kissing.

These three #GOPCowards are exactly why this party needs to go. They say he does bad things; they say he doesn’t do the right things; they say he’s wrong, but when it’s time to stand against him, suddenly they lose their voices.

The other night, bored, I began flipping through channels, not really paying attention. But then … Irish accent; man, I’m a sucker for an accent. And so, I stopped, and discovered Eoin—pronounced Owen—Macken, on s showed called Stumptown.

He’s an actor, director, author and model, and has an honors degree in Psychology; smart, sexy, scraggly bed hair, soulful eyes, dimples and an accent.



Deedles said...

Oooh, Carlos has a dark side! I like it! Or is "god" his nickname for you, Bobulah?

the dogs' mother said...

(Ruth Coker Burks)
and a very careful
(Carlos) and his germs.
xoxo :-)

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Carlos has man flu, have some empathy for the poor guy! You are a lucky man because I would be licking all the door knobs in your place and breathing on you in your sleep if you wrote this about me! Hahaha!
What... is the church using Michael Jackson's lawyers now?

Mistress Maddie said...

I've been a longtime fan of Eoin.

On a side note...saw a bit of the debate. Those dems better stop the infighting and act accordily....they have to know the Great Ass is enjoying this and wants it.....

Helen Lashbrook said...

I'm with MM - stop the bickering and choose the person best suited to take out the Fatso-in-Chief

anne marie in philly said...

get well soon, carlos! your husband and cats miss you!
bernie sux.
BOTH those items are true!
fuck the catholic church!
GOPricks are ALL cowards!
bwhahahahaha, conan!

Bob said...

He does have a dark side, though he been known to shout "Oh, God," to me on occasion.

Ruth's story makes me happy and sad at the same time; I can't wait to see this film.

Carlos is in seclusion, under a sort of "house arrest" until the germiness subsides!

As soon as I heard his accent i, um, "perked" up; and then I saw him. Yes, please.
I wish the Dems would stop sniping at each other and just tell me what you'll do, how you'll do it, and how much better we'll be with _____ gone.


A perfect summation! xoxo

Bathwater said...

I don't have much respect for the republicans who voted not to impeach Trump. Government officials should be working for the people and not themselves.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Mr. Macken is quite the morsel! Yum. Gonna have to track him down.
The repugs are disgusting.
OMG I was reading about Ruth! She is awesome. Will absolutely watch. Love me some Bomer.
And I'm with Carlos. The catholic church can suck my dick.


Moving with Mitchell said...

We agree on so much... like Ruth Wilson and Matt Bomer (YOUR husband in my head). And Carlos! That’s Jerry except for worrying about me catching it. He is, however, a very good nurse.

Deets said...

Macken was on a show called Night Shift, which was actually pretty bad. But the first couple of seasons showed him shirtless quite a bit, so there was that.

Professor Chaos said...

In all fairness, every candidate has some supporters who are assholes (eg Jen Kirkman tweeting that Brrnie should "go fuck [him]self with a chainsaw") But only Sanders is ever asked to control his or take responsibility for his.

I mean, what "Bernie bro" has ever said anything as nasty as what this dude says:

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope Carlos feels better soon. Love the Tweet of the Day. And "The Book of Ruth" will make a great movie!

Bob said...

I have ZERO respect for those GOP Cowards.

Yes, to it all!

I loves me some Carlos, but I'm a better nurse. I serve healthcare with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

I'm off to search ....

But this was a group of people talking expressly about what Bernie supporters said to them, and he accepts no responsibility for it.

He's feeling better and,as often happens,I think I'm getting it! Oy!
I cannot wait to see that film.