Friday, February 21, 2020

I Didn't Say It ...

Pete Buttigieg, on both FOX News Sunday and CNN’s State of the Union, on remarks by made drug addict Rush Limbaugh about how voters might explain Buttigieg kissing his husband to their children:

“I’m in a faithful, loving, committed marriage. I’m proud of my marriage. I’m proud of my husband. I’m not going to be lectured on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh or anybody who supports Donald J. Trump as the moral as well as political leader of the United States. America has moved on and we should have politics of belonging that welcomes everybody. That’s what the American people are for. I’m saddened for what the GOP has become if they embrace that kind of homophobic rhetoric.”

Rick Cosnett, The Flash and The Vampire Diaries actor, coming out as gay on social media:

“Hi everyone … dramatic pause … I’m gay. “I just wanted everyone to know, because I’ve made a promise to myself to live my truth every day, and sometimes that is a really hard thing to do, when you have all these subconscious things you don’t even know about from childhood, and from society, and from just life. I’m sure most of you probably knew anyway. And yeah, that’s actually all I wanted to say. I also have a sty on my eye, which really adds to the drama of the whole thing.”

Welcome out, Rick. Ad please accept as our gift from HOMO HQ the Obligatory Coming out Toaster Oven™ and a copy of The Gay Agenda.
Welcome out!
Wendy Williams, apologizing for saying on her show that gay men should “stop wearing our skirts and heels”;

“I’ll start by saying I apologize, I did not mean to offend my LGBTQ+ community on yesterday’s show. One thing I can tell you right now is that I never do the show [from] a place of malice. I understand my platform with the community, from first grade to intermediate school to high school to college to radio and now to TV. I didn’t mean to hurt anybody’s feelings. I’m just having a conversation. If you know me long enough, then you know … I live and let live every day. Life is too short. I’m 55 years old, and maybe I sounded like your auntie, your mother, your big sister, or somebody out of touch. I’m not out of touch, except for perhaps yesterday by saying what I said, so I deeply apologize, and I deeply appreciate the support that I get from the community. I will do better. I appreciate you supporting me. Thank you.”

Piss off. You only apologized when advertisers began questioning whether they wanted to continue supporting your show. And at 55 you think you would have learned by now to think before you spew your idiotic homophobic shiz at us.
Oh, and we are not “your” community.
Donald ______ Jr., the president’s idiot son saying something so ridiculous it sounds almost comical:

“My mother escaped a communist country. I grew up, I spoke a language, I have friends from communist Czechoslovakia. I waited in those, you know, bread lines, I can assure you, they are not as glamorous as Bernie and, you know, academia today make them out to be. That’s why there’s no advocates for socialism or communism who actually grew up in those places, who actually lived there, they all come here. You know, the boats only go one way.”

Yes, Junior says he waited on bread lines.
Seriously? I imagine what he meant was that he paid someone to stand in a bread line for him and then cheated that person out of the money when he got his bread.
He’s a _____ after all.
John Bolton, former national security adviser, denounced the House’s impeachment hearings as ”grossly partisan” and said his testimony would not have changed a thing:

 “People can argue about what I should have said and what I should have done. I would bet you a dollar right here and now, my testimony would have made no difference to the ultimate outcome.”

And now we’ll never know, you traitorous prick. All for a few more books sold and some coins in your pocket.


anne marie in philly said...

wendy, dump jr, and bolton can fuck right off and die!

I would swoon if pete ever kissed me like that!

Helen Lashbrook said...

The fall of Communism was in late 1989 - is DJTJ seriously saying that Mummy made him queue up in a bread line under the age of 12? Surely even DJT senior would refuse to feed his kid, repulsive although he has become?

BloggerJoe said...

So now I'm wondering, was Junior NOT born in the U.S.? Because that would make him ineligible to be President, wouldn't it?

Deedles said...

In order of appearance: Oh, Oooh, Ick, Dreck, Barf!

the dogs' mother said...

(mayor Pete)
xoxo :-)

Professor Chaos said...

Love how Junior thinks "academia" is glamorizing bread lines. As if he knows a damn thing about academia!
Also, is he claiming that he speaks Czech? Someone needs to ask him to say something inCzech!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Tell it like it is, Mayor Pete!

Krayolakris said...

Oh please! Junior was born in Manhattan! By bread he must mean his chauffeur had to wait in line to pick up a bagel. As for “I learned a language”...which one? I’ll go with English for $200. Sometimes PB looks really hot, sometimes more like Howdy Doody (google it kids).

Bob said...

Pete and Chasten are both adorable.

Junior lies; it's what THAT family does.

Would that that were true.

Succinct,dear.Love it!

Uh huh. =)

Junior wouldn't know the truth if Daddy bought it for him, slicked back its hair, bought it fake boobs and gave it a job on Fox.
He's good at getting a dig in, while being actually rather kind.

Junior is an ass.
I agree about Pete; I've seen some photos .....

Dave R said...

Way to go Pete!
And an even stronger way to go Rick!
What Wendy really needs to do is apologize to the public for all the terrible work she's had done to her face.
I'd like to see pictures of Donny Jr in breadlines.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

Rick Cosnett is gay? OH... MY.. GAWD!!!! Aaaaaah! Squeeeeeee! Do you know what this means???? If we were trapped for months on an island, I have a chance! Yaaaaaaaaay! Jumping jumping jumping jumping jumping!

Blobby said...

you know something, I STILL haven't gotten my toaster!

Bob said...

When did you come out? It may be backlogged at HQ?