Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Architecture Wednesday: Floating Villa

We know people who have lake houses and love to talk about “living on the water.” That ain’t it; this is living on the water.

This energy neutral Northern Holland houseboat—it produces more energy than it consumes—offers s panoramic views across the Spaarne river and the nearby meadows. The design—a zinc façade alternated with aluminum, glass, steel and wood—completes the wish list of the clients who wanted a completely off-the-grid, and off the land, home.

The Floating Villa collects solar energy using PV-panels on the roof, combined with a heat pump in the concrete hull that collects energy from the difference in water/indoor temperature: to provide  an endless natural stream of energy.

Furthermore, the aim was to establish different relationships with living near the water; you have your own private meadow garden to one side, complete water views on the other.

And with a second floor below the main one, you’re not really on the water, but in it as well.

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Deedles said...

All I can see and smell is a hot bed, well damp bed, for mold and mildew!

the dogs' mother said...

Hmmm, hope rising levels
of waters allow them to
keep living there.
We've had lots of flooding
in our state.
Very unique house!
xoxo :-)

Moving with Mitchell said...

I always wanted to live on a houseboat... particularly in Holland. Never gonna happen. Jerry gets seasick on concrete piers.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

You had me at 'energy neutral'. I think that our aim should be to reduce our energy blueprint. Then you can add the light, the fantastic space and the water and I was done.
I think that whole 'in the water' vibe is awesome and I have no idea how that would work during a storm. I would love to live near the water, though.


Bob said...

If it's well made it should be mold proof, and i'm wondering what kinda "hot bed" you're talking about???

Sea levels rise?Home floats!

Carlos, too, was not keen on the floating part of the house.

I'm all about the energy efficiency,too, but this house also looks cool, and I think is anchored in a way that storms aren't problematic' at least I hope ...