Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Kenfucky Judge Refuses To Hear Cases Involving Gay Adoptive Parents

You know, when the country elects a president who is vocal in his dislike for Muslims, his distrust of Mexicans, his thinking less than of women, we get what we deserve. We get a Supreme Court that may end up leaning more conservatively, we get walls, we get wars, we get relieved of our healthcare ... and we get Judge W. Mitchell Nance, carrying on the work of anti-LGBT bigot and poster child for ignorance, Kim Davis.

Nance, a family court judge who sits in Barren and Metcalfe counties in Kentucky, or, as I call it sometimes, Kenfucky, has announced he will no longer hear adoption cases involving “homosexual parties” because he believes allowing a gay person to adopt could never be in the child's best interest.

Yes, he did. Nance, who begins every court session by requiring everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, will recuse himself from all adoptions involving gay people because, as cited in a judicial ethics rule, he has a personal bias.

He hates gays.

Now, you can say, well, at least he recused himself from hearing those kinds of cases, but the fact is, Kentucky state law allows gay couples to adopt, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that all states must permit same-sex marriage, so he has set himself apart from following the law.

And what happens if he hears any other family court case involving gay parents, or gay children? Look, if he can’t lawfully do his job in regards to all of the people of Kentucky, then he shouldn’t do his job at all.

I mean, what about the judge who is anti-Muslim? Anti-Mexican? Anti-choice? Shouldn’t we hold judges to a higher standard, one that says they can put aside their own feelings and prejudices and follow the law?

Even in Kenfucky ...
Kentucky: Judge W. Mitchell Nance


anne marie in philly said...

the SOB should be fired! as well as kim davis! in the private sector, this would be considered insubordination.

the dogs' mother said...

Time for him to retire.

Theresa Young said...

He should be removed. He is not serving objectively and he is not serving all people, which is in fact his job. Its discrimination. Somebody, sue his ass!! You took the job to serve the public. Not some of the public - all of the public.