Thursday, May 11, 2017

Random Musings

Well, _____ has fired FBI Director James Comey just as Comey’s investigation into _____’s ties with Russia and crimes against America deepen.

Nothing to see here, right, except the subjugation of democracy by a narcissistic, lunatic.

Oddly enough, the official line is that Comey was fired because he ALLEGEDLY violated Justice Department principles and procedures by publicly discussing the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of private email.

Wait, so he was fired by _____ for talking Hillary and not because he’s investigating _____? I have a bridge to sell you.

PS Somewhere in Hell, Richard Nixon, whilst pounding rocks, was heard to say, “WTF Donny?”
In the midst of the Comey firing suddenly White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer vanished and was replaced by that idiotic, er, more idiotic, Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and here’s how that went down:
REPORTER: “You said that [Comey] made a lot of missteps and mistakes; back at the end of October, this president was applauding the FBI Director when he reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. So he seemed quite happy with him at that point. What changed?”
SANDERS: “Well, I think the president's position. One, he was a candidate for president, not the president. Those are two very different things. Once you take over leading the Department of Justice, that's very different than being a candidate in a campaign. As you guys all know, there's a very clear distinction between those two things.
I think also having a letter like the one that he received [from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein] and having that conversation that outlined the basic, uh, just, atrocities in circumventing the chain of command in the Department of Justice.
Any person of legal mind and authority knows what a big deal that is, particularly in the Department of Justice, particularly for somebody like the Deputy Attorney General, who has been part of the Justice Department for thirty years and is such a respected person. When he saw that, he had to speak up on that action, and I think that was the final catalyst.”
Wow, and we thought Mama Grizzly Bore™ tossed a good word salad.

And let’s be clear that the “atrocities”—and isn’t that a strong word—that _____ says Comey committed appear to be the same things for which he praised Comey a few months ago. The only real atrocity Comey committed was aiding and abetting _____’s ascent into the White House.
And, to be even more clear, while Huckleberry-Sanders says Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein's report was the final straw, Rosenstein never clearly recommended firing Comey ... that was Jeff “Ties with Russia” Sessions.
If you believe that now is not the time to fear for our Democracy then you are dead from the neck up.

Re-f**king-sist. Write, call, email, Tweet your representatives and demand a special prosecutor investigate these crimes and if they don’t follow your instructions—and remember, you are the boss—vote them out.

On a better note—see what I did there ... because this Musing is about music ... Note? Music? I’ll stop.

This past weekend the local community band, in which Carlos plays the trumpet, had their concert in Rectory Square, and the aforementioned Carlos lead a group of buglers in The Bugler’s Holiday.

Now, I didn’t record their version, but that’s Carlos up there, and that, down there, is The Bugler’s Holiday.
Speaking of music ... though it’s quite a strecth ... Billy Ray Cyrus is celebrating the 25th anniversary of his Achy Breaky Heart—clearly a Top Ten Contender for Worst Song EVER-R-R-R-R!

And how exactly is he celebrating? He’s going the way of Madonna and prince and Cher by changing his name to ... I must control my gag reflex ... Cyrus.
“After August 25th, I will be the artist formerly known as Billy Ray. I’m just going by my last name Cyrus. I always went by Cyrus, and I begged Mercury Records to call me Cyrus in the beginning because that’s what I was comfortable with. I’m going to the hospital where I was born in Bellefonte, Kentucky, and legally changing my name.”
I guess Hack was taken; No-Talent was already being used; One-Hit-Wonder was already licensed; Past-Your-Sell-By-Date was gone?
Remember when Tennessee State Senator Mark Green was _____'s pick to be Secretary of the Army?

Now, not so much. Green has opted out because, yeah, those hate-filled anti-transgender comments he made but said he didn’t make reared their ugly head and everyone now realized he said them, then lied about them.

But he’s still saying the attacks were false and misleading even though they weren’t.

So, I love a BBC show, and I have been watching Ripper Street for the last couple of years, partly because I love the historical aspects of the storytelling and partially because it’s really like Law & Order: Ripper Street and partly because it has Hot Men like ...

From the top, Jonas Armstrong, who plays cannibalistic murderer Nathaniel Dove and is one beefy killer; and then, in the middle, Killian Scott, who plays Augustus Dove, Nathaniel’s tightly wound police commissioner, and murderous brother. Who knew killers could be hot?

Lastly, from American Gods, we have Ricky Whittle who just steams up the screen as Shadow Moon in a show about old gods coming to America to battle new gods like Celebrity and Technology.

Like I said, he steams. Just sayin’.
Ryan Seacrest has officially become the new co-host alongside Kelly Ripa in the newly redubbed, Live! With Kelly and Ryan!

Now, to be fair, I kinda like Kelly, but she’s also kinda annoying and when paired with ultra-smarmy and smugly annoying Ryan Seacrest, I see this becoming a battle of Who Do You Dislike Most?

Perhaps they should have called the show that?
In another example of how clearly out-of-touch _____ is, his daughter, the one he’d bang, if you, know ... incest ... Complicit _____ will head a review of US climate change policy at the United Nations climate change meetings next week in Bonn, Germany.

Wait, a woman who hires people to design jewelry and handbags and then has them made in China where she pays workers pennies a day, and the same woman who had someone write a book about how hard she has it as a millionaire working woman and then slapped her name on it, is now a climate change expert?

Yeah, that’s America under _____.


mistress maddie said...

Kelly and Ryan?!?!? That show so needs to go. They're both annoying.

I didn't know Carlos blew the horn in public!?!

I know the trump administration is a bomb waiting to blow, but does anyone mind if I light the first match and throw it? Lets move this thing out. And the Huckabee's bitch? She sounds like a idiot. None of them are living on earth.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on Jonas! MMMMMMMMMM. The best ever Robin Hood. Also BBC.

anne marie in philly said...

thank the dogs and cats I no longer live in the Washington DC area; I would be puking every day.

the dogs' mother said...

Talented Carlos!! :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Once again, George Takei is spot on!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I am so fricking tired!!!!!! Thank Carlos, at least, for making beautiful music!

Harry Hamid said...

I was under the impression that the man was named Cyrus and his mullet was "Billy Ray."

Will J said...

Now, we all know that Complicit is NOT a Scientist, but she does have the perfect shoes and bag to go to the meeting.

It is enough to make the baby Jesus cry.

Helen Lashbrook said...

I gather Sanders was called in to make Trumpelstiltskin's case as Spicey was doing his naval reserve week....or was he hiding behind a hedge?

And what about Anderson's eye rolling of Irish Eyes are Winking Conway?